Monday, March 31, 2014

Jumbo Publishing’s World Cup Sixer

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The 11th edition of the Cricket World Cup will be staged in Australia and New Zealand in February-March 2015 and the marketing campaigns for the showpiece event, less than a year away now, have started gaining momentum. 

Although quite a few other global cricket tournaments are being staged regularly, besides the regional and bilateral contest, the World Cup remains the ultimate title and the enthusiasts of the game, alongwith the administrators, offer it special treatment. 

Jumbo Publishing, acclaimed as the leaders in the field of sports publishing, have already brought out half a dozen books on Cricket World Cup. 

Spotlight on World Cup 2003, Top of the Charts, Mission Caribbean, Fiasco, Asian Glory and Mohali Mystery are Jumbo Publishing’s six Cricket World Cup books which have won the hearts of the bookworms. 

A few copies of all these six titles are still in stock and the cricket fans can get hold of them if they haven’t done it yet. The Jumbo World Cup books are considered essential for the bookshelf of every cricket enthusiast.

In focus: Crash of the Titans

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It is Twenty20 World Cup time again as the top teams of the world are presently in Bangladesh locking horns in the shortest version of the game yet. T20 cricket has literally taken the world by storm by offering what’s thought of as unprecedented entertainment in the cricket field. 

Jumbo Publishing had taken the lead by bringing out Crash of the Titans, an account of the ICC World Twenty20 Cricket Tournament 2010, which is regarded as the first-ever book on T20 cricket in Pakistan. 

Ehsan Qureshi, who has been authoring books on the World Cups since 1992, also holds the distinction of doing the first book on ICC World Twenty20. Crash of the Titans has the scorecards, match reports and statistics about the ICC World Twenty20 Cricket Tournament 2010 staged in the Caribbean.

In focus: Reflections

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Syed Khalid Mahmood’s Reflections, remains popular in the sports circles as the large number of the author’s followers take pride in preserving his works. 

The book, titled Reflections, is a collection of the author’s top 50 articles posted on his blog during its first 15 months, starting from October 2008 to December 2009. 

The articles, having been published in Reflections, are about nearly every major sport in this part of the world like cricket, hockey, tennis, table tennis, karate, chess and bridge. There are reports of the launching of quite a few sports books.

In focus: Cricket Milestones

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Cricket Milestones, a compilation by Shahzad Ali Khan, has continued to stand out among the statistical books due to its unique content. 

It is a book recommended for every cricket enthusiast as it contains handy information. The testimonial from the legendary all-rounder Wasim Akram adds value to Cricket Milestones which features a lot of records which are never to be broken. 

Unlike other record books, which revolve around the other established formats of the game, Cricket Milestones has a section dedicated to Twenty20 Internationals as well.

In focus: Cricket Fever

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As the cricket enthusiasts in both the neighbouring countries await the resumption of Test series between Pakistan and India, they keenly follow the Indo-Pak contests in international events like the World Cup, the Champions Trophy, the Asia Cup and the ICC World Twenty20. 

Jumbo Publishing’s Cricket Fever is the book which has an account the cricket tours between Pakistan and India until the 2007-08 season when the last Test series they were engaged in. It has the description of all Test series played between the two Asian giants. 

Cricket Fever, authored by Syed Khalid Mahmood, has remained in continued demand because of the subject as well as the quality of content. Just a few copies are left in stock now.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

In focus: Mohali Mystery

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The life in the subcontinent had come to a standstill on March 30, 2011 when arch-rivals Pakistan and India battled it out in the semifinals of the Cricket World Cup at Mohali in the presence of the Prime Ministers of both the countries. The interest was at fever pitch across the region. 

Ehsan Qureshi, having emerged as a specialist writer of World Cup books, had travelled all the way to Mohali for his reporting duties. Upon his return, he produced a book on Cricket World Cup 2011 and quite appropriated titled it ‘Mohali Mystery’ because the outcome of the semifinal tie was being viewed with suspicion in many circles. 

The entire hardbound book, spread over 272 pages, is printed on art paper in four colour to captivate the readers. The author has given an account of his journey and stay in India during the crunch matches of the tournament in his typically fluent style.

In focus: Asian Glory

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With less than a year to go for 11th edition of the Cricket World Cup, the flagship event of the international cricket calendar, the time has come for the cricket enthusiasts to start fastening their seat belts and get ready for the event to be hosted by Australia and New Zealand in February-March 2015. 

Asian Glory, authored by Syed Khalid Mahmood, is one book the cricket fans from all over the world would like to read, Asians and non-Asians, as its rich content will help them relive memories of the previous edition of the World Cup. 

Asian Glory has chapters dedicated to the various aspects of the Cricket World Cup 2011 in which three of the four semifinalists as well as both the finalists were from the continent of Asia. The book also contains a brief history of the top three sub-continental teams in the past nine editions of the World Cup.

In focus: Fiasco

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Many of the unforgettable events of the Cricket World Cup 2007 are still fresh in the minds of the followers of the game. The huge fraternity in the subcontinent in particular may never forget this edition of the World Cup for the wrong reasons! 

Fiasco, authored by Ehsan Qureshi upon his return from the Caribbean, is the book which unfolded many stories. The author, having witnessed unprecedented chaos, drama and tragedy during the course of the Cricket World Cup 2007, shared some of the information which nobody else had done before. 

Fiasco is an eye-witness account of the tragic death of Pakistan’s coach, Bob Woolmer in which the author was falsely implicated. The book reveals a lot of untold stories about the various aspects of the tournament in which both the subcontinental giants, Pakistan and India, were knocked over in the first round.

In focus: Mission Carribbean

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As the countdown to the Cricket World Cup 2015 has begun, with less than 365 days to go for the ultimate battle to commence, it’s about time for the enthusiasts of the game to refresh their memories of past editions of the tournament. 

Mission Caribbean, authored by Syed Khalid Mahmood, is one book which can be read again and again because of the highly useful resource material for the students of the game as it contains brief profiles and photographs of all the 240 cricketers from 16 countries who participated in the Cricket World Cup 2007. 

Mission Caribbean, which chronicles the performance of all the participating teams in the past editions of the tournaments, was published on the eve of the Cricket World Cup 2007, which was described as the biggest-ever sporting event to have been staged in the islands of the Caribbean.

In focus: Top of The Charts

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The students of the game of cricket have now once again become proactive in turning their attention to the World Cup as they eagerly await the 11th edition of the premier global event scheduled to be held in Australia and New Zealand in February-March 2015. 

Sachin Tendulkar, who had played first of his six World Cups when the tournament was staged previously in Australia and New Zealand in 1992, has now retired but his fan following has not diminished. Top of the Charts, having the Indian little master on its cover, is one book his fans cannot afford to miss, if they haven’t got hold of it yet. 

Authored by Syed Khalid Mahmood, the book contains profile and photographs of the top 25 performers of the Cricket World Cup 2003 in which Tendulkar was adjudged Player of the Tounament although the event was clinched by the then all-conquering Australians.

In focus: Spotlight on World Cup 2003

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The Cricket World Cup 2015 is less than 12 months away and the cricket fever has gripped the world once more. It’s time for the Cricket World Cup books again. 

One such book out of the top draw is Spotlight on World Cup 2003, authored by Syed Khalid Mahmood. It holds the distinction of attention for being the first book to be published by Jumbo Publishing. 

Spotlight on World Cup 2003 contains contributions from other renowned personalities as well, besides the bulk of the narration from the author. There are enlightening write-ups on the various aspects of the high-profile event which had taken the African hosts, Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe by storm.

Jumbo Publishing’s books in greater demand as Cricket World Cup Fever grips

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The countdown to the Cricket World Cup 2015, to be staged in Australia and New Zealand, has already begun with less than year to go when the top teams will assemble again to prove their mettle against each other. The World Cup will be returning Down Under after a gap of 23 years. 

The only other time when Australia and New Zealand had played host to the mega event earlier was way back in 1992. And the team which had emerged triumphant was Pakistan with Imran Khan having proudly lifted the coveted trophy at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on March 25, 1992. 

This time another team from the subcontinent, India, will be going there as the defending champions and they will be challenged by 13 other teams during the 11th edition of the tournament to be staged between February 14 and March 29, 2015. 

As in the past the cricket fans all over the globe are getting more enthusiastic for the books connected to the World Cup and the ones having brought out by Jumbo Publishing are once more in greater demand. 

Spotlight on World Cup 2003, Top of the Charts, Mission Caribbean, Fiasco, Asian Glory and Mohali Mystery are Jumbo Publishing’s six Cricket World Cup books that feature prominently in the list of favourites.