Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Jumbo Publishing’s Faiz Huay Hain Mar Kay Amar due shortly

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‘Faiz Huay Hain Mar Kay Amar’, co-compiled by Prof Dr Nasim Fatima and Mian Mohammad Saeed, is set to see the light of the day under the banner of Jumbo Publishing in the last quarter of the year. 

Jumbo Publishing’s ‘Faiz Huay Hain Mar Kay Amar’ will be a hard-bound publication with more than 400 pages between the covers. The co-compilers have done an exceptional job by having carried out fresh research work extensively and the book has been updated until the middle of 2014. 

It will be an incredible gift for the followers of the legendary Faiz Ahmed Faiz, acclaimed as one of the greatest Urdu poets of Pakistan. The historians as well as the students of Urdu literature will also find ‘Faiz Huay Hain Mar Kay Amar’ of immense value. 

It will be the kind of reference book which every academic and public library in particular will be eager to get hold of for the benefit of their users.

Jumbo Publishing to bring out new book on Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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Faiz Ahmed Faiz is acclaimed as one of the greatest Urdu poets to have emerged from Pakistan. Besides being a legendary poet he was also a prolific writer, journalist and politician. Apart from Urdu, he also had in Arabic, English and Persian which enabled him to beautifully craft his poetry in all four languages.

He edited several journals and newspapers, reflected on cultural issues, penned film scripts and documentaries. He was listed four times for the Nobel Prize of poetry. 

He is credited to have revolutionized the classical form of Urdu poetry, the ghazal, giving it a powerful socio-political resonance.

Jumbo Publishing, having carved a niche for itself by producing world-class books on sports, has now ventured into Urdu books and the multi-faceted Faiz Ahmed Faiz was most appropriately chosen as the subject of their first book in the national language. 

Prof Dr Nasim Fatima, an eminent library scientist and researcher, alongwith Mian Mohammad Saeed, who has been quietly serving the cause of Urdu literature for the last many years, have compiled the book titled ‘Faiz Huay Hain Mar Kay Amar’ which is due to be brought out by Jumbo Publishing later this year. 

Quite a few books have earlier been published on Faiz Ahmed Faiz but ‘Faiz Huay Hain Mar Kay Amar’ stands out as a most useful publication.

PLISJ covers Jumbo Publishing’s World Book Day webinar

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The Pakistan Library & Information Science Journal (PLISJ), recognized as one of the leading research journals of the country, has published a comprehensive report the World Book Day webinar organized by Jumbo Publishing earlier this year. 

The report has been published in the PLISJ’s July-September 2014 issue which is its third publication in the 45th year. 

Prof Dr Ghani-ul-Akram Sabzwari, an ex-chairman of the University of Karachi’s Library & Information Science department, had founded the Library Promotion Bureau (LPB) in 1966 which has been publishing the PLISJ every quarter since 1968. He remains the chief editor of the journal. 

“We are grateful to Abdul Qadir Qureshi, the Chief Content Officer of the Pakistan News & Features Services (PNFS) and the Chief Editor, Jumbo Karachi Guide, for contributing the article captioned ‘LIS luminaries share thoughts in Jumbo Publishing’s World Book Day webinar’ in this issue,” Prof Dr Ghani-ul-Akram Sabzwari acknowledged in the editorial. 

Prof Dr Nasim Fatima, Dr Rubina Bhattti, Farhana Kausar Abidi and Amna Farzand Ali were the four library scientists to have shared their views in the Jumbo Publishing’s World Book Day webinar which were widely appreciated.