Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jumbo Publishing offer greater incentive to book clubs

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Jumbo Publishing, as part of its drive to expand reading culture in the society, has decided to offer bigger discounts to the book clubs who will be encouraged to pass on the benefit to their members. 

“We, at Jumbo Publishing, are big fans of book clubs. We have been facilitating them in the past and we have now decided to allow them even bigger discounts in order to enable their valued members to get hold of more books with the same budget,” a spokesperson of the company’s marketing department remarked. 

“The procedure remains very simple and straight-forward. The book clubs have to get registered at Jumbo Publishing and they become eligible to get generous discounts on their club’s choices. The book clubs of all sizes can avail this opportunity,” it was added.

Jumbo Publishing to hold books promotional events

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Jumbo Publishing will be organizing promotional activities at a brisk pace in the last quarter of the year with the objective of encouraging the masses to turn towards reading besides boosting their own sales. 

The plan includes holding author autograph sessions at bookstores of major cities and book launch ceremonies at culturally significant locations. The event coordinators will liaise with the media to create hype for the activities. 

Jumbo Publishing’s marketing department is working with the various leading bookstores who have shown the eagerness to join hands in hosting the autograph sessions with authors.

Testimonials: Mohali Mystery

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“We were bitterly disappointed in the manner in which the semifinal was thrown away against India. After a disastrous beginning, Shahid Afridi and his men had the hosts under pressure for the better part of the day but very surprisingly they faltered at the key moments. ‘Mohali Mystery’ is an eyewitness story of that match but it still hasn’t answered all the questions which stunned the cricket followers in Pakistan. May be we will never know about what actually had happened that day.” 
Saira Bano

Testimonials: Asian Glory

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“The World Cup 2011 was dominated by the Asian countries and I was not surprised to find a book titled ‘Asian Glory’ which reached me through the courtesy of one of my buddies who follows the game much more closely than I do. The book is rich in content and it doesn’t irritate unlike those books in which the authors try to impose their thoughts over the readers. After reading it I acquired my personal copy of the book.” 
Adnan Ali Mohmand

Testimonials: Crash of the Titans

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“I didn’t know until buying a copy of ‘Crash of the Titans’ that there was any book on the subject of Twenty20 cricket because it’s the newest format of the sport introduced not very long ago. The book is about the ICC World Twenty20 2010 but it has records about all Twenty20 Internationals as well. It’s a useful book.” 
Nadeem Hussain

Testimonials: Reflections

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“I have been reading the articles written by Syed Khalid Mahmood for a very long time. I am also one of the followers of his blog ‘All About Latest Sports Action’ in which he shares his thoughts a bit more candidly. It was a pleasant surprise to come across his book ‘Reflections’ in which 50 of his blog articles have been put together very nicely. Although I had read the majority of the articles on internet, they looked even better in book form.” 
Talha Changezi

Testimonials : Cricket Milestones

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“I am fond of following records and it gives me enormous pleasure to read cricket books which revolve around its statistical aspects. I bought ‘Cricket Milestones’ during the Karachi Literature Festival and the book has helped me in improving my knowledge about the game. I will like to recommend it to all my cricket-loving friends.” 
Zulfiqar Ali Naqvi

Testimonials: Fiasco

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“The World Cup 2007 was a disaster. Particularly for the fans living in this part of the world. The early exit of Pakistan and India had taken the gloss away from the tournament. Cricket was the last thing in our minds after Ireland had blown the death whistle on Pakistan. Thankfully I got hold of ‘Fiasco’ many months after the tournament was over. Out of curiousity I read the whole book rather quickly to find out the causes of Pakistan’s disastrous performance. The first-hand account by the author, who himself was falsely implicated in Bob Woolmer’s muder case, made an interesting reading.” 
Iftikhar Ahmed Zuberi

Testimonials: Cricket Fever

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“I was presented a copy of ‘Cricket Fever’ by one of my business associates. I had thanked him in a big way for having done me this favour because I really liked the book as it reminded of that fabulous series of 1978 in which the excitement was at its peak. Pakistan’s back to back victories in the final session of both the Test matches after absorbing battles had revived Indo-Pak cricket which was previously known for boring draws.” 
Subhan Khan

Testimonials: Mission Caribbean

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“Looks like yesterday when I had purchased a copy of ‘Mission Caribbean’ a couple of days before the start of the World Cup in March 2007. I had barely finished reading a few chapters when Pakistan’s cricket team was knocked out of the tournament in the most unexpected fashion. The shocking defeat against Ireland still hurts. Many months later I opened the book again and found out that it would have remained my companion throughout the event if not for the heartbreak. It’s very informative book which I like to consult even today.” 
Mohsin Afzal

Testimonials: Top of the Charts

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“A familiar sight. Sachin Tendulkar performing and India not winning. The Indian Little Master clinched the Player of the Tournament award but the World Cup trophy was collected by the Australian captain, Ricky Ponting. Both of them are profiled in ‘Top of the Charts’ alongwith 23 others who did well in the Cricket World Cup 2003. Nice book which should me in the collection of every cricket enthusiast.” 
Ravindra Kumar

Testimonials: Spotlight on World Cup 2003

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“The book ‘Spotlight on World Cup 2003’ reminds me of that wonderful tournament in which the Australians went from strength to strength after a somewhat shaky start in their opening game against Pakistan. I have read quite a few books on World Cup but this one looks different as its chapters are not very lengthy.”
Abdul Majeed