Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brief Profile: Azeem Sarwar

Jumbo Editorial Team

Azeem Sarwar has been hailed as the most gifted of all broadcasters and producers in the history of Pakistan. His charismatic voice has warmed the hearts of the people and he remains an icon in the media industry.

He was only 16 years old when he joined Radio Pakistan, becoming the youngest-ever announcer. He worked for them for a staggering 44 years. During this period he served the organization in the role of producer, programme manager, deputy controller, compere and commentator besides taking care of the flagship publications, Ahang and Pakistan Calling.

He conceived, planned and produced a lot of radio programmes which became success stories among which Subhe Pakistan, Awaz Khazana, Rang hi Rang Jedy Ke Sang, Jedy Ke Mehman and Aalami Sports Round-up were blockbusters. Being a versatile playwright, he has written numerous dramas and plays for radio and television having debuted with Awaz Ke Saye which was declared the best play of 1969 Drama Festival of Radio Pakistan Karachi. Khwab Azad Hain, Barf and Honton Ke Sarab have been his other most popular plays.

He has also excelled as a commentator, having described the historic Islamic Summit Conference held in Lahore in 1974. He covered quite a few sports events as a producer-cum-commentator like Pakistan cricket team’s tour of England (1987), Australia (1988-89) and South Africa (1998). He also covered World Cup Hockey Tournament in England in 1986 and the World Cup Football Tournament in Italy in 1990.

Jumbo Publishing’s sports books enhance knowledge: Azeem Sarwar

Jumbo Editorial Team

“I have been a collector of sports books for over a half a century now, having developed this habit since childhood. We used to have very few books written on sports in the past but the trend has changed of late."

"Jumbo Publishing has emerged as the leaders in sports publishing in Pakistan by having brought out seven outstanding books on sports in a matter of five years. All these books are very well written and very nicely produced. They enhance knowledge”

“I am delighted to find them engaged in research work on a continuous basis. They remain on the lookout for new ideas and they have displayed tremendous enthusiasm to bring about a revolution in Pakistan’s publishing industry.”

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brief Profile: Prof Ejaz Ahmed Farooqui

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Prof Ejaz Ahmed Farooqui has become one of the most sought after personalities in Karachi with his exceptional qualities of versatility. An educationist by profession, he happens to be the Honorary Secretary of the Karachi City Cricket Association besides being the Honorary Secretary of the Arts Council of Pakistan.

After completing Masters in Chemistry from the University of Karachi, he started his career as a lecturer at PECHS Education Foundation Science College. After getting promoted as Assistant Professor and then Associate Professor, he had a three-year teaching stint in Nigeria, before returning home.

The profession of teaching earned him a lot of respect and recognition. He established an institution of his own after quitting the government job. His hard work, commitment and dedication saw him progressing in leaps and bounds. The Practical Schooling System founded by him and his son has become a model institute.

He has been in social service for a long time, running the Saarim Welfare Academy in Gulshan-e-Iqbal where free education is provided to the needy children. He has been involved in numerous other welfare activities, having quietly supported many individuals and institutions. His services to cricket, during his four-year tenure as Chairman of the Karachi City Cricket Association Zone II, are talked about with awe and reverence.

Jumbo Publishing’s sports books have historical value: Prof Ejaz Ahmed Farooqui

Jumbo Editorial Team

“The sports books from the house of Jumbo Publishing are essential for libraries of all kinds, be it academic, public or special, because all of them have historical value. I have gone through all their seven titles on sports and found them of very high standard indeed. Not only the contents are original and genuine but the production is also world-class.”

“These kinds of books go quite a long way in promoting book reading culture in the country because the youngsters in particular are very keen about sports records and statistics. It’s very heartening to note that they have been bringing out books nearly after every major sporting event.”

"I would recommend Jumbo Publishing's sports books for all educational institutions in particular."

Brief Profile: Grand Master Ashraf Tai

Jumbo Editorial Team

Grand Master Muhammad Ashraf Tai has become a legend in his own lifetime. He has been the greatest-ever martial artist to be produced by Pakistan. He had introduced Bando, the Burmese style of martial arts, in Pakistan way back in 1971 but it were his accomplishments against top-notchers which earned him fame and recognition.

He had created a sensation by overpowering Stanley Michael of Malaysia in the final of the Afro-Asia Championship in 1978. He had confirmed his superiority in the continent by outwitting Japan's Koha Yash a year later. After emerging triumphant in a tournament staged in Sri Lanka in 1980, he dared fighting the reigning world champion, Don Wilson of the United States in 1981. The creditable performance against the world champion elevated his ranking to the ninth place in the world.

He then founded the Pakistan Karate Federation (PKF) and succeeded in having the body affiliated with the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) as well as the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB). Having received numerous awards in various continents of the world during his illustrious career, he was declared the International Grand Master of the Year in 2000 by an institution based in the United States. Later he was also conferred the coveted Pride of Performance award by the President of Pakistan.

The Tai's Bando Karate Centre, founded by him in 1971, has already trained thousands of martial artists. The branches of his centres have not only been functioning with great success all over the country but the students trained by him have also been operating the centres named after him in quite a few countries like the United States, England, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, France, Holland and Bangladesh.

Jumbo Publishing’s books are a treat for sports lovers: Grand Master Ashraf Tai

Jumbo Editorial Team

“The magnificent sports books brought out by Jumbo Publishing during the last few years must have gone a long way in arresting the decline in readership habits in this part of the world. Sports books are the most popular ones among the youth who like to read about their heroes and the historical events.”

“Jumbo Publishing’s sports books have had the stamp of quality and authority. They take pride in doing research work over a long period of time and they have the mechanism in place to verify the records they publish. That’s why their books are treated with utmost respect and the contents are regarded as authentic.”

Brief Profile: Rehana Saigol

Jumbo Editorial Team

Rehana Saigol is a big name in Pakistan’s fashion industry, working terrifically in highlighting the name of the country both nationally and internationally. She is ranked among the top fashion designers of the country. She is also a pioneer of jewelary designing.

She is credited to have brought a variety of enthralling and charismatic outfits for women including embellished lehengas, saris and traditional suits. She launched her women’s wear label just a couple of years ago. Her women’s wear couture collection ‘Beyond Ivory’ reflects her vision and philosophy of bringing back the saree to the wardrobe. ‘Beyond Ivory’ is crafted on a variety of fabrics such as georgette, net, velvet and tissue and embellished with threadwork, crystals, beads, dabka, kora and sequins.

She has establishied her name in designing of bridal and other types of formal sarees in particular. She has experimented with different styles of structuring the saree beyond the traditional six yards of fabrics. Her collection presents variations in her pursuit of contemporizing and glamorizing the saree. Beyond the fashion world, she also made it big on the international bridge scene. Besides making it to the national bridge team on numerous occasions, she became the first and todate the only lady to head the Pakistan Bridge Federation.

Jumbo Publishing’s sports books are charming and graceful: Rehana Saigol

Jumbo Editorial Team

“I am not too sure if the adjectives of charming and graceful are usually associated with books but they come to my mind right away whenever I go through the sports books produced by Jumbo Publishing. Having known the promoters as well as the authors for a very long time I had little doubt in my mind about their accomplishments right from the moment they had set off for the journey.

“They have worked tirelessly over the years with great zeal and passion to bring out one sports book after another which is quite an accomplishment in my opinion, given the limited market for such books in our country.”

"I firmly believe that these books could be promoted by the corporations through their CSR programme because there would be multiple benefits to the society."

Brief Profile: Mahmood Lodhi

Jumbo Editorial Team

Mahmood Lodhi, the reigning national chess champion, holds the record of having claimed the crown on the highest number of occasions. He has been Pakistan’s highest rated International Master for a long time.

Hailing from the Punjab’s industrial town of Gujranwala, he appears on course of becoming Pakistan’s first-ever Grand Master of chess. He has been national champion for 12 years running now. He was ranked 2,475 in the world in 1993-94, which was then the highest-ever for Pakistan.

He has participated in various international tournaments over the years despite the limited support from the Chess Federation of Pakistan. He has, however, been supported overwhelmingly by the Mind Sports Association of Pakistan, having been founded just a few years ago.

He was recently appointed as Brand Ambassador of a leading oil company. Chess has been in his blood as all his four brothers were into it but he is the only one to have turned professional. They inherited chess from their father who was a colonel in Army.

Jumbo Publishing’s sports books are truly inspirational: Mahmood Lodhi

Jumbo Editorial Team

“Until the recent past there were not many quality books on sports published in Pakistan and it used to be quite an effort to get hold of a title of international standard. The credit goes to Jumbo Publishing for having filled this vacuum by bringing out sports books of very high quality worthy to be compared with any international book.”

“More importantly from my personal and my game’s point of view I am thrilled to find chapters on chess in at least one of their books. Chess and other mind sports need such boost in our country and they should consider publishing books on these subjects as well in future.”

"The sports bodies of the country should get hold of such books and distribute them among the students of schools and colleges who are very keen to learn about their sporting heroes."

Brief Profile: Rubab Saleem

Jumbo Editorial Team

Rubab Saleem has blossomed into an outstanding writer and blogger after having secured Masters Degree in Mass Communications from Punjab University, Lahore, with major in Public Relations. She did her second Master in Political Science from Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan.

Her brilliance is reflected in blogs like, and all of which are rich in content. She has had a passion for writing and she is not afraid to express boldly.

She has the knack of producing excellent write-ups which she proudly displays on her blogs which are an amazing journey of words and everyone is welcomed to come on board to share ideas, thoughts and opinions.

She has worked with Pakistan Television Lahore Centre as Current Affairs Documentary Script Writer besides serving with a localised NGO, Burgad, as Field Worker. She also has had a stint as Public Relation Officer at Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce & Industries.

She is a Sub-Examiner with Punjab University for Graduation Classes in subject of Journalism. She is a tutor for Bachelor Classes with Allama Iqbal Open University, headquartered in Islamabad.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jumbo Publishing’s sports books are spectacular: Rubab Saleem

Jumbo Editorial Team

“The world has become a global village and the advent of internet has brought about a significant change in the lifestyle of people in many parts of the world. But one habit that hasn’t changed in developed countries, despite everything, is the passion to read. Even on internet you have to read. Conventional books are being complemented by E-books but the books are being read.”

“It’s very important, however, to publish content that has massive appeal to the readers. Sports is one of the favourite subjects of the people of Pakistan and Jumbo Publishing’s sports books are catering to their needs by producing titles with resource material having historical value besides being interesting.”

"Jumbo Publishing's sports books also serve as a source of inspiration for the youngsters who look at the outstanding sportspersons as their role models."

Brief Profile: Aziz Memon

Jumbo Editorial Team

Aziz Memon, a famed entrepreneur and an acclaimed social worker, was recently conferred the prestigious Pride of Performance award by President Asif Ali Zardari in a graceful ceremony at the Aiwan-e-Sadr on Pakistan Day. He was decorated with the medallion in recognition of his outstanding and exceptional contribution in the field of public service for a number of years.

It’s another feather in the cap of Aziz Memon whose contribution in humanitarian and community services has been legendary. He has been the recipient of the Rotary International’s highest award ‘Service Above Self’ as well as the coveted award of Leader of the Leaders. He was the District Governor of Rotary International for Pakistan and Afghanistan in the year 2007-08. He has also been Chairman of the Cutchi Memon Markazi Jamat.

Acclaimed as a role model in the field of industry and commerce he is Chairman of the Kings Group, a conglomerate of eight companies, with the core business being manufacturing and exporting knitted garments to the European and USA markets. He is Honorary Consul General, Republic of Suriname, besides being Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Karachi Garment City, a project of Ministry of Textiles, Government of Pakistan.

He holds the honour of being the Founder President of Pakistan Japan Business Forum, President of Pakistan Italy Business Forum, Former Director Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and senior member of Pakistan German Business forum. He has been Chairman of Citizen Police Liaison Committee.

Jumbo Publishing’s sports books are worthy corporate gifts: Aziz Memon

Jumbo Editorial Team

“They are doing a wonderful job by spreading the glories and accomplishments in the field of sports in particular. I have been an avid reader of their books and all of them feature on my bookshelf at home as well as at office.”

“As a matter of fact I have been procuring quite a few copies of their books on a regular basis for gifting them to my colleagues, friends and business leaders because I consider them as worthy corporate gifts."

"The management of Jumbo Publishing has to be complimented for having undertaken the arduous task of producing books of high quality and then marketing them with innovative methods.”