Monday, March 28, 2011

Jumbo Publishing’s sports books are spectacular: Rubab Saleem

Jumbo Editorial Team

“The world has become a global village and the advent of internet has brought about a significant change in the lifestyle of people in many parts of the world. But one habit that hasn’t changed in developed countries, despite everything, is the passion to read. Even on internet you have to read. Conventional books are being complemented by E-books but the books are being read.”

“It’s very important, however, to publish content that has massive appeal to the readers. Sports is one of the favourite subjects of the people of Pakistan and Jumbo Publishing’s sports books are catering to their needs by producing titles with resource material having historical value besides being interesting.”

"Jumbo Publishing's sports books also serve as a source of inspiration for the youngsters who look at the outstanding sportspersons as their role models."

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