Sunday, January 16, 2011

Books are forever

Jumbo Editorial Team

Since ages books have been the real partners of human beings. They have always been proven to be a source of knowledge and learning. Though silent, insensitive and non-living but even then the company provided by them is beyond praise and incomparable.

Books have always been good companions in both good and bad phases of life of people. They have always been impartial as far as their friendship is concerned. They are the same for both rich as well as poor.

Books are great source of entertainment and recreation. Close company of books and reading them dedicatedly with interest adds a lot to our knowledge and cognizance. Books are of many types and it is the interest of an individual which he finds the most interesting to spend time with. Some love reading novels, some are passionate about current magazines, and some are fond of articles and quotation related books.

Library plays a central role. The lover of books finds calm and a quiet environment to interact with the books effectively there. Library is a place of peace, solitude and serenity. Hours can be spent in the library reading books. A person returning home after spending a couple of hours in the library feels relaxed and filled with knowledge.

J.B. Macaulay was quoted as saying: “I would rather be a poor man in a garret with plenty of books then a king who did not love reading."

Books provide us company in both good and bad times. They are vested with several entertaining and interesting topics that refresh our mind.

Whenever we are little depressed, there are several books that boost us and encourage us at that bad juncture of life. We get to learn from the writings of many famous personalities how to recover from difficult situations. If we look into our career point of view, books keeps up abreast with current affairs and provides us with each and every subject to prepare for the competitive.

Their friendship is so selfless and pure that they do not demand their reader nothing in return. They just want reader to have sincere dedication towards them. Since our Kindergarten days books have proven to be our most faithful friends and have always been helping in every circumstance.

Books are the pearls of wisdom. Many times when we travel by bus or train, books provides a best time pass and a good source of entertaining our self. Reading magazines, comics and novels in such journeys really makes the journey short and easy instead of tire journeys. Choice and content of the books is also of first and foremost importance.

Books are the most sincere, faithful and never falling friends. Everybody may deceive you but books will always remain beside during your bad times. Books are your friends, teachers and guides as well. Just reading a book is of no use until it is properly understood with interest. Books always want its reader to gain something from it. It wants to impart knowledge.

We cannot even imagine the importance the books plays in our life. Thorough knowledge of these books and implementing them has taken many towards enlightenment. Thus books purify our thoughts and also make our thoughts pious. So, I feel that one should always enjoy the company of books and regard the selfless nature of the books to each and every individual.

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