Friday, May 27, 2011

Shweta Kumar’s Coming Up On The Show makes waves

Jumbo Editorial Team

Shweta Ganesh Kumar’s first fiction novel, ‘Coming Up On The Show… The Travails of a news trainee’ is now in bookstores and it has already sold more than 10'000 copies in the two months since its release.

The book that is a behind the scenes, tongue in cheek look at the broadcast industry in India has been brought out by Srishti Publishers. It traces the journey of an aspiring journalist, who finally has to remove the rose-coloured glasses from her eyes and see the grime behind the glamour of the T.V industry. Her dreams turn out harder to achieve than envisaged, but the journey itself is a roller-coaster experience.

National Award winning film director Ranjith released the book at the Calicut Press Club. The event was broadcast by Manorama News besides being covered by all the major publications in the state.

Targeted mainly at the age group from 18 onwards, this is a book, which offers a glimpse of the real world complexities and adventures that are seldom imagined by the average journalism student. And that sometimes, one’s own life turns out to be stranger than the reality shows that one sees on television.

This book is the first in a series of books titled “Coming Up On The Show” tracing the journey of Satyabhama Menon as she traverses the vast and unknown world of the Indian media.

Shweta Ganesh Kumar is a writer and a freelance travel journalist based in the Philippines. She started off as a correspondent for CNN-IBN, CNN's Indian sister channel and went on to work as a Communications officer for Greenpeace India.

After moving to the Philippines in 2009, she discovered that she and her husband suffer from terminal wanderlust, the result of which are a number of articles that were published in the New Indian Express and other publications. She is currently finding her bliss while she explores news destinations and dabbles in the world of fiction.

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