Monday, July 30, 2012

Sharif Khan’s Psychology of the Hero Soul becomes bestseller

Jumbo Editorial Team

The Toronto-based Sharif Khan is an acclaimed speaker and freelance writer whose book titled ‘Psychology of the Hero Soul’ has become a bestseller. It’s recognized as an inspirational book on awakening the hero within and developing leadership potential. Based on research in human development spanning many years, the book has been mentioned in reputed publications like Reader's Digest, USA Today, Toronto Sun and New Consciousness Review.

‘Psychology of the Hero Soul’ was chosen as an ‘Independent Publisher Highlighted Title’ pick by's editorial staff who review some of the best books in the industry that demonstrate publishing excellence in creativity, originality, and quality. 

It has been acclaimed as an excellent book which is considered very inspiring and motivating. 

As President of the Diamond Mind Enterprises, an organization devoted to helping people live heroically, he has dedicated over ten years research to the field of human development and leadership. 

Based on his own research, he has been providing high-quality keynotes and leadership development seminars that empower audiences to unleash their inner-hero potential for higher success.

He has become one of the most sought after public speakers, having acquired the expertise of sharing his experiences to a wide-range of audiences including executives, entrepreneurs, educators, and students. 

Sharif has been working with missionary zeal in an effort to inspire the world and make a positive difference in people's lives; to help create a global culture of heroes and responsible citizens dedicated to promoting peace and prosperity in the world. 

For his pioneering efforts in teaching people how to become heroes in all areas of their lives, Sharif was accepted into the In Search of Heroes ‘Heroes Hall of Fame’ a programme for recognizing the heroic contributions of top copywriters, marketing experts, and media professionals. 
Besides being a motivational speaker, Sharif is also a successful freelance writer helping companies and individuals develop a wide-range of content through his professional copywriting services. 

He frequently writes articles on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Success, and serves as a book consultant to authors. 

After graduating with an honors B.A. in Psychology from York University, Sharif served as General Manager of a Bestsellers Bookstore Franchise, followed by over five years of various sales and marketing roles within the I.T. industry, and is a former Director of the MetroActive Writers Club.

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