Friday, October 12, 2012

Frankfurt Book Fair focus on children's literature

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Children are the leaders of tomorrow and who are supposed to know and understand it better than the publishers who take pride in developing books that help to educate and guide them in the most crucial phase of life. 

The participants of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012 seem to be paying greater attention to children’s literature than ever before. It has become a sector worthy to be considered as a driving force in publishing. 

The children are one of the central themes of the Fair this time round. 

“Children’s books have been doing very well around the world. In the last 12 months, children’s publishing has been the top category in general trade publishing, leading families, readers into the bookstores," Richard Robinson, President and Chief Executive of Scholastic, a firm engaged in the publishing and distribution of children’s books, was quoted as saying during a session with the media ahead of the fair’s inauguration. 

"Children’s publishing, always an important but somewhat under-recognized part of the book industry, may likely become the leader in pioneering new forms of reading because as we all know from watching babies with iPads, children are intuitively digital readers," Robinson added. 

 ”Around 1,500 publishers who deal exclusively with the children’s and youth market are expected at the showcase,” Juergen Boos, Director of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012, remarked. 

“Electronics giant Sony and Nintendo, the titan in electronic games, are among about 7,400 exhibitors at the five-day fair reflecting innovations in an industry where content is king. Children's and youth media are a prototype for what is happening in the publishing industry but also for what is happening at the moment socially," Boos was quoted as saying. 

"In order to keep up with the changing reading and learning habits of future generations, we need to constantly create new formats and develop and expand popular topics and trends," the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012 reckoned.

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