Sunday, February 17, 2013

Prof Dr Nasim Fatima’s 'Bibliographical Heritage of Pakistan' hailed

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Prof Dr Nasim Fatima’s recently published ‘Bibliographical Heritage of Pakistan 1947-2012’ has been hailed as another outstanding publication put together by one of the most respected library scientists of the country. 

“One will understand how honoured and delighted I was, when a highly regarded personality asked me to write a preface for her book,” Dr Rubina Bhatti, Chairperson, Department of Library & Information Science, Bahawalpur, wrote. 

“The present work is an excellent attempt to explore the most exciting bibliographical heritage of Pakistan. This theme has assumed great significance in western countries. The dearth of this type of works by the Pakistani authors, however, is known to all,” she pointed out. 

“Prof Dr Nasim Fatima covers all the subjects of general works, philosophy, religions, social sciences, languages, pure and applied sciences, fine arts, literatures, histories, biographies and bio-bibliographic,” Dr Rubina Bhatti observed. 

“This work is a significant addition to the field. It is a worthy book, with compact presentation of subjects in simple language. This is a very valuable, interesting and thought-provoking compilation,” she concluded.

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