Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ontario in Transition: Achievements and Challenges launched in Toronto

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Jean-Louis Roy’s ‘Ontario in Transition: Achievements and Challenges’ was launched recently in the bustling Canadian metropolis of Toronto, the capital of Ontario.


 The book is a look at the modern Ontario and the changes that have profoundly transformed it over the last decades. The fact that it has been authored by a Quebecker historian, former journalist and diplomat, and one-time Devoir publisher makes the publication even more intriguing. 

At a time when Quebec sovereignty is once again in the news, Roy's book highlights the point that, with $70 billion in trade between Ontario and Quebec and a cross-border migration that has seen 1.2 million Quebeckers moving to Ontario and 750,000 Ontarians settling in Quebec, the two provinces were more closely linked than ever. 

Ontario in Transition, in the words of its author, is a book of many firsts. Not only does it represent the first time a prominent Quebecker has deigned to write a book about Ontario, it's also the first time Ontario's staggering demographic diversity and rapidly transforming economy have been so thoroughly examined. 

Ontario's emergence culturally from colonial backwater to its current dazzle, which reaches its apotheosis in the Toronto International Film Festival, has also attracted Roy's journalistic curiosity. 

 Jean-Louis Roy, who currently heads the Montreal think tank Partenariat International, is the author of some 20 works of literature, history and politics that have been published in Quebec, France, the United States, Brazil, the Middle East and a number of African countries.

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