Thursday, September 26, 2013

Huma Qureshi launches Vibhor Tikiya’s maiden book

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Popular Bollywood actress, Huma Qureshi, launched debutant Vibhor Tikiya’s book ‘Dada’ which is based on the author’s life changing experiences at a couple of India’s prestigious institutes in Ahmedabad and Bangalore. Top advertising professionals, Prahlad Kakkar and Sanjeev Gupta, also attended the grand ceremony held at the Title Waves Book Store in Bandra, Mumbai.

The book is a story about the rebellious guy who never followed principles and rules in college and suddenly his life changes when he meets his other friends. It highlights the significance of relationships. 

It’s also the documented journey of a persona that evolves at every turning page. When a rebel makes it big, it makes for interesting story telling. 

“I read the first copy of the book and I truly appreciate his style of writing. It’s very engaging and an inspiration for me”, Sanjeev Gupta, Managing Director, Global Advertisers, was quoted as saying. 

During the launching ceremony, Prahlad Kakar read the excerpts from the book, garnering the interest of not only the audience but also actress Huma Qureshi who was interested to know further about the book. This led to a rationally thought provoking and interactive session between the crowd and the author Vibhor Tikiya.

“It’s the journey of a survivor trying to find his idiom. It’s a little bit of our lives and you will definitely find yourself in this book,” Prahlad Kakkar added. 

“It’s always great to see young Indian authors making their mark in the literary world. Vibhor Tikiya’s book is a reflection of urban sociology evolved with a thought, and is in sync with today’s generation. Dada drew me closer to my old college days and reminded me of my experiences, friendships and learning’s," Huma Qureshi observed. 

"The story of Dada grabs you with each turning page and somewhere along the way; I started empathizing with the character. Dada could be the story of you or me or anyone you might even know,” the charming Bollywood actress added with a smile on her face.
“Dada is not my story and yet in many ways it is. Everyone who has read the book has come back with one comment that this is my story. I guess everyone has a Dada in them. The rebel needs a bit of guidance from someone who understands him. Dada is the man one would talk about on a random dinner conversation, the boy who made it purely by his street-smartness and negotiation skills," author Vibhor Tikiya shared. 

"A boy who starts off a street-smart ruffian and traverses a path that takes him to a place he never imagined possible because of the people he meets and is influenced by along the way. There is one central theme running through the story that relationships transform lives,” the author explained. 

Dada is Vibhor Tikiya’s first book but he has authored 14 research publications in top notch journals and conferences. He is also credited to have authored a patent in Signal Processing. He is mentioned in the Who’s Who of Telecommunications.