Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jumbo Publishing’s Festival of Sports Books commences at Habib Public School

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The Festival of Sports Books, being organized Jumbo Publishing, the leaders in sports publishing in Pakistan, got underway at the Habib Public School (HPS), Karachi, on October 23.The two-day festival will continue, during the school hours, on October 24.

The students of the HPS, who are encouraged to take part in the sports in a big way at the campus and beyond, took keen interest in the books on the subject of sports being offered at incredible discounts.

Focus on World Cup and Top of the Charts, having cover price of Rs 500 each, will be available for Rs 100 each while Mission Caribbean and Cricket Milestones, whose retail price is Rs 200 each, will also be offered for Rs 100 each. 

Asian Glory, whose cover price is Rs 600, will be sold at Rs 200 while Reflections and Cricket Fever, having retail prices of Rs 500 and Rs 300 respectively, will also be available at Rs 200 each until the stocks last. 

The HPS, one of the most prestigious educational institutions of the country, has had a history of producing outstanding athletes who have made it to the national teams. 

Hockey legend Sohail Abbas, who holds the world record of scoring the highest number of goals in international hockey, was also a proud product of the HPS.

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