Saturday, May 31, 2014

Corporates incline towards Jumbo Publishing’s World Cup books

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The marketing gurus at quite few multinationals have shown interest towards Jumbo Publishing’s World Cup books which are being considered for branding in the campaigns aligned with the 11th edition of the Cricket World Cup, to be held in Australia and New Zealand in February-March 2015.

The international fast food chains in particular seem more inclined in capitalizing on the opportunity as the Cricket World Cup generates unprecedented interest whenever the mega event takes place after four years.

The corporates recognize Jumbo Publishing as the leaders in the field of sports publishing as well as the trend-setters of sorts, having proved their mettle with all-round excellence.

Jumbo Publishing’s six Cricket World Cup books currently in stock are Spotlight on World Cup 2003, Top of the Charts, Mission Caribbean, Fiasco, Asian Glory and Mohali Mystery while a couple of more titles are expected in the next few months.

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