Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brief Profile: A Aziz Rehmatullah

Jumbo Editorial Team

A Aziz Rehmatullah has been acclaimed as one of the doyens of cricket statisticians in Pakistan. He appears to have set a record of sorts by authoring as many as a dozen books on cricket, understood to be the highest in the country so far.

His first book titled ‘26 Years of Pakistan Cricket’ was published in 1979, which were followed by World Cricket Annual (1980), Cricket Close Up (1981), Pakistan Test Cricketers (1981), Masters of Cricket (1982), Who’s Who in Test Cricket (1984), An Eye on Test Cricket (1986), 35 Years of Pakistan Cricket (1987), The Book of One-day Internationals (1989), Pakistan in One-day Internationals (1996), Who’s Who in One-day Internationals (2001) and Calendar Year’s Kings (2002).

He was editor of Cricket World Quarterly, launched in 1978. It was a widely respected magazine with contributions from leading statisticians and journalists from all over the world. It was instrumental in grooming some of the budding cricket writers.

He brought out another magazine by the name of Cricket Herald in 1986, whose subsequent Urdu edition also became quite popular in the following years.

**A Aziz Rehmatullah has reviewed Cricket Milestones

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