Monday, February 21, 2011

Brief Profile: Lt Gen ® Syed Arif Hasan

Jumbo Editorial Team

Lieutenant General Syed Arif Hasan was elected as the President of the Pakistan Olympic Association in 2004. He was re-elected to the post for another term of four years in 2008. Having had a very long association with sports, he was also elected unopposed as the Vice President of the Olympic Council of Asia in 2007.

At the national level he has advocated for professional management besides talking of upgrading, enabling and empowering the federations which are the constituents of the Pakistan Olympic Association which remained under fire for some reason or the other throughout its turbulent history.

He established the Pakistan Sports Trust with the objective of becoming the marketing arm of the Pakistan Olympic Association. It was envisaged to let the federations set up proper offices to promote their disciplines and improve their working in line with the entities functioning in the developed countries.

General Arif Hasan had succeeded in raising substantial funds through Hero cards but the cherished goal of bringing about a revolution in Pakistan sports could not be accomplished due to a combination of factors. Quite of a few of his plans, if executed, could have led the turnaround but the dreams have remained unfulfilled, apparently, for reasons beyond his control.

** Lt Gen ® Syed Arif Hasan has contributed foreword to Reflections


  1. It is sad that our print and electronic media sits idol on this situation, when only 24 officials are sent to Rio Olympics. No one see corruption here, what is the need of sending 17 officials to take care of 7 athletes who are accepted in wildcard category. Aren't these 17 officials going to Rio on free ride? To be exact to enjoy. I think who ever is responsible to send these 17 officials for Rio Olympics, should be charged. What chairman for Pakistan Olympics Association is doing? Gen. Syed Arif Hassan, head of Pakistan Olympics association has been around for 10 years in this prestigious institution. Usurping all the resources and doing nothing. His management and organizational skills are worth seeing that not a single athlete is based in Pakistan. What a shame for nation? Gen. sahab was in Musharraf era was handling both Pakistan Sports Board and Pakistan Olympics Association, but then he was removed from Pakistan Sports Board. Sending only 17 officials and 7 non-Pakistani based athletes is his biggest failure. It shows of his interest in sports as a whole. It just my childhood dream that I see Pakistan's biggest contingent in Olympics. It seems that this dream has gone sour. However, we need to make swift policy to remove corrupt people from Olympics and Sports institution because they show soft image of country.

  2. Kindly do not support him unnecessarily.

  3. He could have improved facilities, raised funds through endorsements for players to participate in competitions. If there are no funds, will sports personnel pay from their own pocket? He could have involved leagues and commercialized athletics. He is just eating government funds and extending his tenure. I do not know what he has done to improve soft image of Pakistan.