Friday, April 29, 2011

Responsibilities and obligations of university librarians

Jumbo Editorial Team

The university librarians are taught about their responsibilities and obligations during their student life. It’s important for them to follow the guidelines and meet the challenge. There may be situations when the particular needs of a team may require slight modifications to the standard guidelines but in most cases they remain similar.

A librarian’s principal responsibility is to University Library, its mission, vision, and goals. The librarians are expected to commit time and effort to the library in an exemplary fashion. It is the librarian’s responsibility to exercise discretion over the use of their time and effort.

The librarians should establish a schedule that makes their services available to the university community at times when these services are most in demand. They should establish a schedule that accommodates team and supervisory responsibilities.

The librarians are expected, as part of their primary responsibilities, to conduct service and professional development activities. Time allotted to these activities may average between half a day and a full day per week.

The librarians are advised to undertake commitments outside their primary responsibilities only to the extent that these commitments do not interfere with the librarian’s ability to meet their primary responsibilities in an exemplary fashion. They are generally required to notify their supervisors of plans to engage in outside activities of an extensive, recurring, or continuing nature.

The university librarians should also make it a point to read a lot themselves that would not only help in enhancing their knowledge but will also be greatly beneficial in letting them improve their overall skills.

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