Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Patricia Fry continues counseling, guiding authors

Jumbo Editorial Team

The California-based Patricia Fry is acclaimed as a legend in counseling authors in the art of publishing and selling their books. She has also been hailed one of the most well-known writing gurus.

She has been working with other freelance writers and authors for over two decades. She is a literary and manuscript consultant, an editor and a teacher. She can help you write a book with more publishing potential and she can guide you in preparing a more successful book proposal.

She had begun writing for publication in 1973, when her three daughters were teenagers. While raising her girls, supporting them through their graduations, she helped them plan their weddings and welcoming her grandchildren which allowed her to write part-time only. She continued writing at every opportunity even after accepting a full-time job. In 1990, however, she quit her job and began devoting all of her time to her writing career.

By then Fry had two books and hundreds of magazine articles to her credit. Since then, she has published 29 additional books and hundreds more articles. Her articles have appeared in over 300 publications including Writer’s Digest, PMA Independent, Writer’s Journal, The World and I, Entrepreneur, Mature Outlook, Cat Fancy, The Toastmaster, Woman’s Own, Woman’s World, Reminisce, Catholic Digest, Executive Update, Quarter Horse Journal, Kiwanis Magazine, Your Health, Pages, The Artist’s Magazine and many others.

Her published books represent an eclectic mix of subjects, from grand parenting and local history to youth mentoring and even how to present a Hawaiian luau. But her favorite topic remains writing and publishing. Having produced 11 books related to writing and publishing, Patricia’s hallmark title is, The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book. This book, currently in its second printing, now also features an accompanying workbook.

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