Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tips and advice for successful book launch

Jumbo Editorial Team

The publication of a book is a moment every author cherishes. It brings enormous relief besides joys after the months of isolation and hard work. It’s the time to celebrate and many authors do it by organizing a book launch ceremony.

Obviously the established and well-known authors have little problems in getting it done through their publishing houses but it’s a different ball game otherwise.

The launch parties may not actually be a make or break for the book but they do certainly help and it makes sense to mobilize resources to make the ceremony a memorable one for all practical purposes.

Well, first and foremost, media coverage is pretty vital. The local media, particularly FM Radio and television channels, attract bigger fish like sharks around chum, but they might only attend if there’s a story within a story and nothing attracts a story as much as celebrity. If you know one, try to get him or her there somehow. Then there’s the theme.

Then your dress is vitally important. Splash out. Spoil yourself. Go to town. This is the biggest evening of your writing life yet if it’s your debut novel. So live a little, look the part and live the part.

Get someone known or popular to introduce you to the stage and, when you get up on the podium, make it memorable. Dramatic music, a few flashing lights and a little bit of dry ice will make everybody say “do you remember when” even though some will think it tacky.

Another idea is to get some student actors in to re-enact a scene from the book, film it and then place it on your Website via You Tube as a Book Trailer. The students get exposure, your book gets exposure and you get exposure. It’s win-win situation.

Invite your family, relatives, friends and neighbours and everyone else you know to the event. Why? Because most people will feel duty bound to buy a signed copy and be seen with the “star of the show”. You can always fall out with them again the day after.

Finally, like all good parties and celebrations, your launch needs to be organised. In the run up to the event, rehearse everything as though it’s your wedding. Practice the speech, make sure that there are microphones available for your speakers and that any Power Point presentations or videos are clear, precise, visible and audible days before you play them.

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