Friday, September 9, 2011

Silawat Ali’s Making Waves launched in Islamabad

Jumbo Editorial Team

Making Waves, authored by Silwat Ali, was launched in Islamabad on September 8. The book is a compilation of artwork and critical essays that aim to equip a layman with the critical appreciation for modern art

The book launch was organized by the Pakistan National Council of the Arts with the collaboration of the Foundation for Museum of Modern Art.

Speaking on the occasion, renowned artist and writer Salima Hashmi observed that in the present times contemporary art has become about ownership and not about knowledge.

She highlighted various facets of the book and the nature of art viewership in Pakistan. On the issues of post colonial dilemma and national identity, she said, “Art needs to get the same from the state as the state gets from it.”

The need to enlighten budding artists was highlighted by the Federal Minister for Textile and Industry, Makhdoom Shahabuddin, who recorded his appreciation for the creative and passionate individuals.

“I have nothing profound to say about contemporary art but I wish to take interest and attain knowledge to be better equipped to appreciate it,” the Minister remarked in his brief address.

“I find it very interesting to a see a compilation that appreciates new art forms in Pakistan. I am always in search of books that I can show to guests coming in from abroad and taking a piece of home with me on my travels,” fellow artist Dr Arjumand Faisal stated in his speech on the occasion.

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