Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Urdu books in great demand in Lucknow Fair

Jumbo Editorial Team

The crowd swelled at the recent book fair at Moti Mahal lawns in Lucknow with the total footfalls estimated to have crossed the 50,000-mark on the final day. The event was organized by The Federation of Booksellers and Publishers Association (TFBPA) and the Knowledge Tree Foundation.

Satisfied with the response, the organizers felt that reading habits of the residents of Lucknow have improved and this time, people from other districts like Muzzafarnagar, Sultanpur, Barabanki were also visiting the stalls.

"The best thing about the book fair is that books of all kinds are available under one roof. People don't have to rush to different stores for getting books on different subjects. They now wait for the book fair in Lucknow,'' organizers Manoj Chandel and Umesh Dhall remarked in a newspaper interview.

Among the books that were selling briskly included the drawing and sketching books for kids, inspirational books and real life stories while the demand for Hindi-Urdu dictionary was also reported to have soared further.

The students were seen picking up `Twilight', and various books by Robin Sharma, Chetan Bhagat and other writers. The book written by Hemant Dwivedi such as `Suitcase Mein Zindagi' and `Lalfita' were also in demand.

Besides the natives, the foreigners were also seen picking up books on Urdu language and literature.

Chad Walasek from Canada, who’s in town to study Urdu, was looking for a book by Wajid Ali Shah. When asked about his inclination towards the language, Chad said: "Urdu is one of the best languages for expressions. I want to learn more about poetries in Urdu. The language is a symbol of tehzeeb.''

Accompanying Chad was Iris Yellum from USA. "I am learning Hindi and Urdu and so I wanted to know more about these languages.'' While Emily Shakiro, also from USA, pursuing PhD in Asian Languages and Literature, remarked: "I wanted to know about the Urdu adab. Works of Ismat Chugtai and other prominent writers are nice to read.''

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