Friday, August 31, 2012

SDPI launch compilation of research articles in Urdu

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The Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) has brought out a book titled ‘Environment, Society and Sustainable Development’ which is a compilation of research articles authored by former and current scholars associated with the institute.

The book, having highlighted the global issues such as pollution, social segregation and climate change, has been written in Urdu. It was launched at the SPDI Office in Islamabad on August 27. 

The ceremony also focused more on the importance of Urdu as a language to educate the masses of Pakistan. 

The SPDI, to commemorate their 20th year in Pakistan, has planned to produce many more books to add value to the research literature in the national language. 

“The unprivileged class doesn’t know about issues concerning environment and development which affect them because they are either unaware of the existence of information or have no access to it,” Anwar Ahmed, Chairman, National Language Authority (NLA), who was the chief guest in the launching ceremony, observed.

He appreciated the efforts of the SPDI for having published ‘Environment, Society and Sustainable Development’ which he considered taking a step in the right direction. 

The NLA Chairman advised the SPDI to make the book available in schools, adding illustrations and a more creative flare to encourage the younger generation to read it. 

The SDPI Senior Adviser, Mahmood Khawaja, announced that the book was not SDPI’s intellectual property or under any copyright as they desired to encourage the dissemination of this book between people and institutions. 

Although the book has a price tag of Rs 300, it can be collected free of cost from the office of the SPDI. 

“We are hoping that our stakeholders will spread the news about the publication so it reaches the target audience. We will also be sending copies to libraries, academic institutions and book shops” the SPDI official stated.

A researcher himself, Mahmood Khawaja said the book’s most interesting tenet is that it includes research papers written 10 years ago which still have relevance. 

“It is enlightening and worrying at the same time to find out that a lot of predictions made in earlier papers came true. It makes one realize the urgency in which change is needed,” he remarked. 

The book’s Editor, Humaira Ishfaq, who has been teaching Urdu at a leading university, highlighted the impact which environment can have on society and individuals. 

“If we clean up our congested environment and make people aware of its importance, we will have a healthier society, in mind and body. The public is tired of reading and hearing about the tumultuous socio-political landscape, and a research-based literature will be welcomed as a sense of empowerment will ensue,” she stated.

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