Thursday, September 20, 2012

Somerset writer Angie Cox’s book launch raises over £2,000 for Alzhemier's Research UK

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Somerset writer Angie Cox raised more than £2,000 at the launch party for her fundraising book, Forget-Me-Not, near South Petherton, with Sir Cliff Richard, Dragon’s Den’s Deborah Meaden and Glastonbury Festival organiser Michael Eavis among the many contributors. Every £20 raised from the proceeds of sales will pay for another hour of pioneering research.

A host of famous names have added their fascinating tales to a book of memories brought together by Angie Cox to raise funds for charity Alzhemier’s Research UK, while the inspiration for the book was the author’s mother-in-law, Nina, a kind and vivacious spirit who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease six years before she died, aged 79, last February. 

“It was heartbreaking seeing her become just a shadow of the vibrant lady who loved village life and would help anyone. She gradually lost her precious memories and couldn’t communicate with us anymore. Despite all the love and care, Alzheimer’s overwhelms everything and there’s no turning back. That’s why research is so important; it’s the only way to defeat this devastating disease,” Cox, an office manager at Bow House Physiotherapy Practice in Langport, Somerset, observed.

“I started writing letters and emails 18 months ago and gained confidence as I received more and more replies with heart-warming stories. When Michael Eavis agreed to be interviewed by me I was absolutely thrilled. Enthused, I wrote to Sir Cliff Richard as he’s a patron of Alzheimer’s Research UK. When I opened my emails one cold winter’s afternoon and found a reply from his office, I was ecstatic,” she added. 

“Nina would have been so enthusiastic if she could have seen what I’ve done. As a family we’ve been shocked to realise how little money there is for research for new treatments, that’s why we’re supporting the experts, Alzheimer’s Research UK. We hope to raise thousands of pounds through Forget-Me-Not,” Cox remarked.

Forget-Me-Not is a collection of stories, poems and illustrations from a diverse range of people, each revealing a significant memory from their life. Michael Eavis has talked about a chance encounter which led to the start of the Glastonbury Festival. 

Deborah Meaden has recalled saving up for her first pony and how it influenced her attitude to business. 

The memories from the 1948 Olympics and the Second World War, tales of marriage, travel and much more add to the real life stories. Local dentist Paul Marffy tells how his father left Hungary to forge a new life in Africa after the Second World War.

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