Saturday, January 5, 2013

Calendar of International Book Fairs in 2013

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There will be plenty of global activity for the book trade practitioners throughout the year as a number of International Book Fairs have been planned in 2013 as well in different continents of the world. 

Pakistan will also be playing host to two mega events of the trade with the Lahore International Book Fair to be organized in the historic city of Lahore in February and the Karachi International Book Fair to be held in the commercial hub of Karachi in December. 

Following is the calendar of International Book Fairs scheduled to take place in 2013:

International Kolkata Book Fair, Kolkata, India (January 26-February 10)
Taipei International Book Exhibition Taipei, Taiwan (January 30-February 4) 
Vilnius International Book Fair/Baltic Book Fair, Vilnius, Lithuania (February) 
New Delhi World Book Fair, New Delhi, India (February 4-10) 
Jerusalem International Book Fair, Jerusalem, Israel (February 10-15) 
Lahore International Book Fair, Lahore, Pakistan (February 14-18) 
Dublin Book Festival, Dublin, Ireland (March) 
Paris Book Fair, Paris, France (March 22-25) 
Bologna Children's Book Fair, Bologna, Italy (March 25-28) 
Bangkok International Book Fair, Bangkok, Thailand (March 28-April 8) 
Thessaloniki Book Fair, Thessaloniki, Greece (April) 
London Book Fair, London, UK (April 15-17)
Buenos Aires Book Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina (April 24-May 13) 
Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, Abu Dhabi, UAE (April 24-29)
Geneva Book Fair, Geneva, Switzerland (May 1-5)
Bogota International Book Fair, Bogota, Colombia (April-May) 
Prague International Book Fair, Prague, Czech Republic (May 16-19) 
Warsaw International Book Fair, Warsaw, Poland (May) 
Book Expo America, New York City, USA (May 30-June 2)
Cape Town Book Fair, Cape Town, South Africa (June)
Seoul International Book Fair, Seoul, Korea (June 19-23)
Tokyo International Book Fair, Tokyo, Japan (July 4-7)
Rio Book Fair, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (August 29-September 5)
Beijing International Book Fair, Beijing, China (August-September) 
Moscow International Book Fair, Moscow, Russia (September) 
Nairobi International Book Fair, Nairobi, Kenya (September) 
Colombo International Book Fair, Colombo, Sri Lanka (September) 
Goteborg Book Fair, Goteborg, Sweden (September)
LIBER International Book Fair, Barcelona, Spain (October) 
Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt, Germany (October 9-13) 
Istanbul Book Fair, Istanbul, Turkey (November 2-10) 
Sharjah International Book Fair, Sharjah, UAE (November) 
Karachi International Book Fair, Karachi, Pakistan (December 5-9)

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