Thursday, January 3, 2013

Judi Young makes awesome debut with The Girl in the Picture

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The widely-travelled and versatile Judi Young, now based in Brisbane, Australia, has produced an inspirational book titled ‘The Girl in the Picture’ and she has been showered with praise for her outstanding effort. 

“The Girl in the Picture is an awesome read. Courageous, inspirational, heartbreaking and heartwarming! A must read for everyone. Warning though – once you start you won’t be able to put it down. It’s that good!” Shelley Stark commented. 

The feedback she has received from the readers has been extraordinary as well as overwhelming. She is being thanked for sharing writing the book and sharing her story. Judi Young’s life story is an inspirational one. 

She was born in New Zealand but lived in England and Spain in her 20′s having worked as a nanny, a dancer and a tour guide. 

She harboured dreams of becoming a world-famous actress until figuring out that acting was not her cup of tea. 

After discovering her natural affinity with people she hosted an interview-style radio show, comprising each week of a 20 minute interview with famous artists like John Waters, Judith Lucy and Sir Peter Ustinov, which she thoroughly enjoyed. 

She was also the host of a similar style television show, with the interviews being of a more serious nature. 

She had begun writing ‘The Girl in the Picture’ initially as a journal for herself but it slowly evolved into something bigger. 

“My book started out as a journal of healing, but became something completely different: a book that demonstrates that we are okay as we are. It isn’t easy to stay positive when one is ill; it isn’t necessary to travel the globe to ‘find yourself’ and more importantly, one book cannot have the answers for all people – a ludicrous concept. That is my main message in the book: that as we are, we are okay. It took me a lifetime and a tumour to figure it out,” Judi Young disclosed. 

“It is the antithesis to Eat Pray Love as what started out as a journal of healing quickly deteriorated into a Loser’s Guide to Healing. I repeatedly fell off my diet plan and imbibed far too much red wine for my own good. I floundered around India and the Philippines, before finally realising that this healthy living stuff is hell! I had to make a tough decision: keep on with the new diet plan, or go against everything I believe in and have surgery,” she mentioned.

 “My book ‘The Girl in the Picture’ is a transformation story with a twist. When I visited a life coach five years ago I struggled to recognise myself as the same person who was in a photograph that I was showing him. I decided to find out who I really was, but was thrown a curveball when I was diagnosed with cancer,” she added. 

“As part of my healing I decided to reconnect with my family, including my 82 year-old uncle who is himself well-known in NZ, being the subject of books and documentaries. I also travelled to India and the Philippines, blundering my way through yoga classes and enemas before realising where my answer truly was,” she recalled.

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