Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dr Mubarak Ali showered with praise in Tareekh Ka Safar's launch

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Noted historian Dr Mubarak Ali was showered with praise during the launching ceremony of his latest book ‘Tareekh Ka Safar’ held at the Pakistan Academy of Letters in Islamabad on June 28.

The internationally-acclaimed historian and intellectual was complimented for having narrated the various events shaping the history in Urdu language to reach out to the common man. 

Famous intellectual and writer Ashfaq Saleem Mirza, who presided over the session, acknowledged the efforts of the historian to speak up and write boldly against the status quo, tyranny and establishment. 

He commended the numerous books, publications and essays by Dr Mubarak Ali, emphasizing that the only way any writer left a mark in history was by writing extensively. 

The Director of the National College of the Arts, Rawalpindi campus, Nadeem Omar, shared his first meeting with the historian. He confessed having been was as much intrigued by the historian’s personality as his commitment to his work.

“Dr Mubarak took great interest in everything I had to say and it was really an experience I’ve never had since. The depth of his speech and his personality really inspired me,” he said. 

Nazir Mahmood considered Dr Mubarak as one of his kind in a country where people preferred take up more lucrative professions such as business administration, IT or medicine. He highlighted the historian’s commitment towards writing under military regimes without compromising on his principles. 

In his address, the historian urged the retired civil servants and army generals to publish their autobiographies to stifle the actual accounts of history. He encouraged the audience to read and analyse facts on their own. “History must be studied to acquire wisdom. Nations who have progressed read history and learn their lessons,” he pointed out.

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