Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tehmina Durrani’s Happy Things in Sorrow Times launched in Islamabad

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Tehmina Durrani, leading author and activist, launched her book titled ‘Happy Things in Sorrow Times’ in Islamabad on June 29. The book deliberates on the issues faced by Afghan children having suffered during the 35 years of conflicts.

The latest book of Tehmina Durrani, her fourth, has been published by Ferozsons. It’s her first book in 15 years, however. 

She has illustrated the book with 30 watercolour paintings based on her personal visits to refugee camps in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

“When the Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan in 1979, I had decided to write a book on it,” she revealed, hoping that the book would make an impact on the decision makers around the world. 

“Every one has to play his/her due role in the restoration of peace and be the voice for the voiceless women and children in Afghanistan. The world should not be more passive,” she felt. 

‘Happy Things in Sorrow Times’ was hailed by award-winning author Khaled Ahmed, who compared it to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Lewis Carroll classic. 

Analyst and Daily Times Editor, Rashed Rahman, observed that the journey of Tehmina was very tough, as she had highlighted brutalities, bloodshed and injustices with women and children. 

Ahmed Rashid, an authority on Afghanistan, and publisher Zaheer Salamat of Ferozsons also spoke on the occasion. 

Tehmina Durrani’s previous works include My Feudal Lord (1991); A Mirror to the Blind, an authorised biography of iconic social reformer Abdul Sattar Edhi published in 1995; and a novel Blasphemy, which was released in 1998. Her first book has been translated into 39 languages and sold in 72 countries. 

Tehmina Durrani is an acclaimed writer, advocate of women’s rights, and a role model of courage and resilience for women across the globe.

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