Saturday, November 30, 2013

Recapturing Cricket World Cup 2003 with Spotlight on World Cup 2003, Top of the Charts

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Jumbo Publishing got off to a flying start in 2005 with the publication of their maiden book, Spotlight on World Cup 2003 which contained the highlights of the Cricket World Cup 2003 organized for the first time in the continent of Africa. 

They followed it up with another book, Top of the Charts, which also related to the same event later in the year. It was quite unusual to find two different books on the same subject and by the same author, Syed Khalid Mahmood. 

Both the hardbound titles were well received in the market and Jumbo Publishing had succeeded in making a mark right away. Some reviewers had gone on to compare both the books with the best ones in the business.

The positive press to the first couple of books brought out by Jumbo Publishing provided them the much needed recognition in the starting which subsequently enabled to them make even greater impact in the field in the following years. 

Spotlight on World Cup 2003 contained contributions from other renowned personalities as well, besides the bulk of the narration from the author. Light was thrown on the various aspects of the high-profile event which had taken the African hosts, Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe by storm. 

Top of the Charts profiled the top 25 performers of the World Cup 2003. The book contained eye-catching photographs of the elite list of cricketers who made the tournament their own by their spectacular performance.

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