Saturday, November 30, 2013

Reliving Cricket World Cup 2011 with Asian Glory, Mohali Mystery

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Jumbo Publishing, the market leaders in bringing out sports books in the region, has enriched the cricket literature by producing a couple of books on the Cricket World Cup 2011 which was held in South Asia for the third time in 24 years. 

By producing Asian Glory and Mohali Mystery, Jumbo Publishing continued their tradition of doing two books on a single edition of the Cricket World Cup. 

They had also published two books on each of the last two World Cups. Spotlight on World Cup 2003 and Top of the Charts covered the different angles of the World Cup 2003 while Mission Caribbean and Fiasco were related to the World Cup 2007.

As in the past, the two books on a single event are different to each other. Asian Glory, authored by Syed Khalid Mahmood, has chapters on the various aspects of the tournament besides a brief history of the sub-continental teams in the past nine editions of the World Cup. 

Mohali Mystery, written by Ehsan Qureshi, revolves around the semifinal match between Pakistan and India in Mohali which the hosts managed to win after an absorbing contest which generated as much interest after the event as before it. 

The entire book is in four colour to captivate the readers. The attractive pictures as well as the accompanying section of statistics add value to the book.

One thing, other than the subject, also is common in both the books. They offer reading enormous pleasure and the cricket enthusiasts will enjoy the description of what was hailed as the greatest sporting show on earth.

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