Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Amna Farzand Ali’s thoughts on World Book Day during Jumbo Publishing’s webinar

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Amna Farzand Ali, working as Librarian, at the University of Central Punjab, Lahore, has shown immense promise to be reckoned as one of the emerging stars of the profession of Library & Information Science.

After graduating in arts, she did her Masters in Library and Information Science from the prestigious University of Punjab, Lahore, in 2012. She had worked a librarian at the British Education & Training Systems (BETS), Lahore, before joining the University of Central Punjab.

Amna Farzand Ali shared her views on ‘How to make World Book Day count?’ at the webinar organized by Jumbo Publishing to mark the day. Excerpts:

“It’s very heartening to note that the World Books & Copyright Day is now being celebrated with some kind of enthusiasm in Pakistan too. It’s really important to sustain the momentum in order to promote book culture in the society.” 

“While the universities and other educational institutions have worked out different programmes to celebrate the World Books & Copyright Day in a befitting manner, I am gladdened by the initiatives of Jumbo Publishing to hold a webinar on this occasion.” 

“Jumbo Publishing has recognized the importance of the librarians and the monumental role we play in encouraging as well as facilitating the people to read. The publishers need to be aware of the importance of the librarians in order to achieve our mutual objective of boosting readership.” 

“The publishers can also contribute their bit by organizing walks and seminars or webinars. Then I will suggest them to have some kind of writing competitions that will also motivate the participating children and they will remember it.”


  1. Such celebrations and their media coverage are very good for the awareness of the public. The recommendation of conducting competitions is very interesting and should be taken seriously

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