Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dr Rubina Bhatti’s thoughts on World Book Day during Jumbo Publishing’s webinar

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Dr Rubina Bhatti, Chairperson & Associate Professor at Department of Library & Information Science, Islamia University of Bahawalpur, happens to be one of the shining lights of the profession, having distinguished herself with her all-round accomplishments. 

Besides being a Director of the Schools Library Association (SLA), Asia Chapter, she is also a member of the University of the Manchester Alumni Association and an approved supervisor of the Higher Education Commission (HEC). 

Despite her preoccupations in holding various programmes on the World Book Day, Dr Rubina Bhatti squeezed some time to share her views on ‘How to make World Book Day count?’ at the webinar organized by Jumbo Publishing to mark the day. Excerpts:

“Well it’s about time to do something beyond holding a walk or a seminar at the university as a mere formality. A lot has to be done in this direction to make the World Books & Copyright Day count in its truest sense.” 

“We have been organizing walks and seminars on the World Books & Copyright Day at the university for the past many years, in which the students, researchers, LIS professionals, academicians and intellectuals turn up in large numbers.” 

“Realizing that we needed to do more, our research scholars have now started visiting different schools to highlight the importance of culture of reading and to motivate school teachers and students to recognize the role of books from the grassroots level, which is the foremost priority as identified by educationists and LIS experts.” 

“We need to spread the mission at all kinds of schools and colleges in every nook and corner of the country. We have to encourage the students to read more than just textbooks. We have to teach them the benefits of reading more and more.” 

“All the stakeholders should play their part in accomplishing this cherished goal. Instead of waiting for making things happens let’s try to make them happen ourselves. I acknowledge the contribution of Jumbo Publishing in this regard and it’s my wish that other publishers will take the cue from them to make the World Books & Copyright Day more meaningful.”

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