Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bolloywood’s King Khan lights up Devdas dialogue book launch

Jumbo Editorial Team

Shah Rukh Khan, who is also known as the King Khan, lit up the show at the launch event of the Devdas dialogue book in Mumbai on February 15 which the legendary figure of Dilip Kumar could not attend because of his illness.

While everyone missed the presence of Dilip Kumar, who had played Devdas on screen, Shah Rukh Khan, read out a letter by the living legend at the launch event that was held at the famous Mehboob Studios.

”I have very fond memories of Bimal Roy. He had a gentleness and refinement in his speech and behaviour that was infectious. Whether it was Devdas or Madhumati or Yahudi, we worked with perfect understanding in a congenial atmosphere. His assistants and he conversed in Bengali and they chatted and laughed without any inhibitions. I knew some Bengali that I had picked up from Dadamoni and Mukherji Sahab and I made my own contribution to the informality by speaking in Bengali and they were never tired of complimenting me for speaking Bengali the way it should be spoken,” Dilip Kumar recalled.

”The dialogue for Devdas as well as for the two women who love him deeply were written and rewritten with utmost care, keeping the situations and the audience's empathy in mind. Bimalda being a Bengali and having been associated with the K.L. Saigal starrer made straight from the Bengali novel, had a strong impression in his mind about all the characters and their motivations. He always had everything charted out in his mind before he began work with his artistes,” he added.

”Today's cinema and its audience don't have the kind of emotional give-and-take that the cinema of the Fifties had. The basic reason for that was because cinema was the only source of entertainment those days and, more often than not, its content was taken seriously by serious viewers. I am speaking about this to emphasise the responsibility the director shouldered in our times when he chose to make a film that had a deep emotional appeal for the audience. The dialogues of Devdas are therefore replete with a haunting sensitivity and spontaneity that came from the pen of Rajinder Singh Bedi, one of those rare writers whose syntax was so perfect that the simple lines he wrote inspired actors to build up deep emotions in their rendering,” Dilip Kumar reckoned.

”Being myself not given to superfluous speech, I appreciated the precision and brevity of the lines he wrote for Devdas. They were lines of profound meaning at times but they were so simply and sensitively worded that generations of viewers have found pleasure in repeating them lovingly,” he explained.

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