Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Musical launch of Margaret Bradford’s maiden book

Jumbo Editorial Team

Margaret Bradford, who has been a name in the Australian folk scene for three decades now and has gained a strong following in the live music scene, chose the occasion of the launch of the National Year of Reading to unveil her new book for children, Bindi-Eye Bop.

The singer/songwriter from Sydney and the book's illustrator Janet Selby visited Sutherland Library on the library's annual open day on February 21 to sing songs from the book, which also has a CD. Bradford, also a former teacher, has teamed up with Selby for her first book.

One of the most popular songs on the CD is Cars, Cars, Cars — a look at how our most favoured mode of transport is damaging the planet.

Most of the songs have a distinctive Australian slant and even feature the sounds of kookaburras recorded in the Royal National Park.

16 Aussie fun songs to set kids jumping on trampolines, dodging bindi-eyes, caring for the environment, water conservation, echidnas, bilbies, dinosaurs, blowflies, and cockatoos, all tastefully illustrated in brilliant colour by Selby, a talented local artist.

“Punchy and fun....“Margaret put her considerable song-writing talents to good use in creating humorous, up-beat, thought provoking, green songs for children of all ages. The songs with lots of repetition about bilbies, bindi-eyes and blow flies, cockatoos and cockroaches, echidnas and dinosaurs are a treat.

The children are encouraged to sing along to rap, pop and blues with such themes as, water conservation, keeping our beautiful earth pollution free, an excellent source of new material for singers and teachers keen to highlight the importance of environmental issues”

Her songs of conscience, humour &compassion reflect contemporary, environmental & social issues. She is able to bring out the heartfelt essence of a song. Her recordings cover many themes. Songs in her repertoire reflect an interest in the environment, women, children and indigenous peoples.

Her recordings are also an evidence of the vast emotional range she presents in her performance and songs. Passionate about the world & its changes, Margaret's songs are socially relevant often with a touch of wit & satire.

Her singing makes for compelling listening. She sings for all ages at clubs, festivals, schools, public rallies and house concerts around Australia and overseas. She has inspired many an emerging musician and some of her songs have been recorded and sung by other artists.

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