Thursday, February 9, 2012

Book of Life unfolds touching tales of organ donation

Jumbo Editorial Team

Book of Life, which was travelling across Australia for the whole last year, was finally launched at the Camden Library in the Macarthur region of New South Wales on January 31.

Mayor Greg Warren launched the book which contains different stories from the different families who were completely touched by organ donation. Also, the stories have been included in the book in order to encourage family discussion about donations of organs.

A large number of people, who were influenced by the stories in the book, had arrived at the launch of the book. The book containing several stories now also comprised of a new story written by Debbie Roberts of Camden.

Debbie Roberts, a former Youth Solutions chief executive officer, has explained her daughter’s deed of organ donation. She informed the audience at the book launch that her daughter, Rebecca, died of a sudden heart attack at the age of 20 only as she had type-1 diabetes and hyperthyroidism. But, her generous deed of donation of her two kidneys and two corneas has brought a great sense of comfort to the family.

She added that they had received a letter too, from the father of two children, who received her two kidneys. Seeing his children happy that their dad could again play with them, they felt great pleasure, she told.

In addition, differed other inspirational stories from real life of people have been added to the book, which would do their best in teaching people that organ donation is a holy deed and Wisconsin is in great need of the same.

Camden Mayor Greg Warren has suggested a worthy slogan from the book, “Don’t take your organs to heaven, heaven knows we need them here”.

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