Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Brief Profile: Mukta Lall

Jumbo Editorial Team

Mukta Lall, who has recently transliterated her illustrious grandather Prof Tilok Chand Mehroom’s poetic collection Bachon Ki Duniya from Urdu to Hindi, was born at Rawalpindi, then a part of undivided India, now a famous city of Pakistan, on March 6, 1944. Her father Jagan Nath Azad was also an eminent Urdu poet.

She completed her higher secondary education from Queen Mary's Higher Secondary School, Delhi, in 1961 while she did a secretarial course from YWCA in 1962. She joined Siemens later the same year (1962) and retired as Senior Manager-HR in June 2004, having worked there for more than four decades.

Upon retirement from service, she took keen interest in learning Urdu, having taken correspondence courses from Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi. The purpose of learning the language was to read the works of her father and grandfather.

It was during her interaction with Dr Abdur Rasheed, Instructor at Jamia Milia, when the idea to transliterate the works of her father and grandfather was discussed and the dream started turning into reality. In order to retain the originality and beauty of the poems it was decided to transliterate and not translate them.

The assistance and guidance of Dr Abdur Rasheed, Instructor, Jamia Milia, and his elder brother Mr Abdul Mughni, Managing Director, Dilli Kitab Ghar, encouraged Mukta Lall to accomplish the most cherished goal of her life. After having transliterated her grandather Prof Tilok Chand Mehroom’s poetic collection Bachon Ki Duniya, she is currently working on her father Jagan Nath Azad’s poetry book Bachon Ki Nazmein, which consists of 16 poems. Then she has planned to transliterate Bahare Tifli, another literary masterpiece of her grandfather.

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