Saturday, April 28, 2012

Foreword: Asian Glory

By Jamsheed Marker 

“Asian Glory” is the latest contribution to the prolific writing on cricket by Syed Khalid Mahmood, one of the foremost correspondents and experts on the game in Pakistan.

In recent times the focus of cricket has perceptibly gravitated towards Asia, where the sport has produced some of its finest players and certainly its largest crowds.

Khalid’s book is a timely response to this new and evolving phenomenon, and provides a succinct account of the matches played in the World Cup 2011.  

The multiplicity of teams participating in World Cup 2011, the varied venues with changes in weather and pitches, the extensive coverage in both the electronic and print media, and above all, the large and enthusiastic crowds, all contributed towards making World Cup 2011 a landmark in the history of cricket.

All followers of cricket are indebted to Syed Khalid Mahmood for his timely and lively compilation of the events that were part of the memorable World Cup 2011, and for his latest contribution to the literature of cricket, a game that we all love so much. 

**For obtaining a copy of Asian Glory, please write to or call Asad Raza at 0333-2304024. It is priced Rs 600 in Pakistan.

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