Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mukta Lall revives golden memories by transliterating Prof Tilok Chand Mehroom’s Bachon Ki Duniya

Jumbo Editorial Team

Mukta Lall, hailing from an illustrious literary family, has done a commendable job by having transliterated children’s poems from Urdu to Hindi. The title of the book, Bachon Ki Dunya, orginally written by her illustrious grandfather, Prof Tilok Chand Mehroom, has been retained.

These poems were penned by Prof Tilok Chand Mehroom, an eminent Urdu poet, at a time when there was a dire need for good Urdu literature for children. His passion for teaching had provided him the opportunity to interact with children and such experiences encouraged him to create ‘Bacchon ki Duniya’ which was a monumental contribution.

“Urdu as a language personifies beauty and the art of poetry enhances it. This book has been transliterated and as the transliterator, I have added a few pages to throw some light on the life of the poet. The only difference lies in the script which is now Hindi, however the language remains Urdu and to ensure easier understanding, footnotes that contain meanings of unfamiliar words have been provided,” Mukta Lall, whose father Jagan Nath Azad was also a great Urdu poet, told Jumbo Editorial Team in a recent interview.

“Bachon Ki Duniya as a book is also very educative. The values relating to Almighty God, punctuality, nature, to be a good human being, high thinking are all instilling thoughts that these poems exuberate,” the New Delhi-based Mukta Lall pointed out.

“The poet was inspired from within and the mystical beauties that lie in the simplest form of life and nature, is what provoked the poet to create these poems. The poet also wishes that young children not only imbibe values that the poems want to convey but also put them in action,” she added.

Mukta Lall has indeed chosen a perfect way to pay a tribute to her grandfather and father, both of whom enriched Urdu literature with poetry of pedigree.

She has printed only 300 copies of the book and most of these have been presented to Jamia Milia, Urdu Academy, Ghalib Academy, Ghalib Institute, Urdu Ghar and to a few professors and intellectuals abroad as well.

The book, which is priceless for it’s not available for sale, has been very well received by these institutions and has been acknowleged as worthy contribution.

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