Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dr Safdar Ali Shah’s Churches of Pakistan launched in Islamabad

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A coffee-table book, a first of its kind having 116 pages and nearly 300 pictures of different churches across the country titled ‘Churches of Pakistan’ was launched at Kuch Khaas, Centre for Arts, Culture and Dialogue, in Islamabad on March 29.

Dr Safdar Ali Shah has compiled the book in an effort to highlight the diversity of Pakistani culture and the role of religious minorities in its development. It highlights Pakistan’s tolerant nature towards the minorities.

It had taken the author more than a year to work with photographer Syed Javaid Kazi to travel all over Pakistan, take pictures, compile and publish the book. They also interacted with the locals to find out about the state of churches in Pakistan today.

“It was not by coincidence that the Christian community decided to join Pakistan, they had campaigned for a separate Pakistan along with the Muslims when the resolution was moved,” Dr Safdar Shah observed.

“It’s fascinating to see the architecture and design of the churches that just spoke for themselves, as Christianity in this part of the world was as old as Christianity in Europe,” he remarked.

“Some churches replicated the builders’ experiences back home with typical European gothic designs and stained glass especially imported for its construction, however. As the religion grew in Pakistan the locals started building churches with material which was available in their areas. An example of a church in Multan that resembled a Sufi shrine because it was made with marble and tiles produced there. Similarly, one can find churches made of wood in Nathiagali,” he explained.

“Having such unique architecture and historical significance there is an effort being made to put some of the churches on the list of heritage sites. Some buildings when visited were very well preserved whereas others were not so well kept due to lack of funding. Most of the buildings are very old and so huge that they cannot be maintained. Maintenance is an issue with some but not all. Majority are very well kept,” Dr Safdar Shah suggested.

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