Friday, March 23, 2012

Leadership Insights unfolds Pakistan’s success stories

Jumbo Editorial Team

Leadership Insights, a book co-authored by Amer Qureshi and Qaiser Abbas, was launched at Khaas Art Gallery in Islamabad earlier this month. The book features insight from some of Pakistan’s leading entrepreneurs.

Leadership Insights, a collaborative effort between a Chartered Accountant/Business Consultant and an Organizational Psychologist/Motivational Speaker, has been hailed as a ground breaking and innovative book, written specifically for Pakistan. Based on dialogues and discussions with the leading CEOs of Pakistan, it provides practical and insightful strategies for young leaders and managers who aspire to become exceptional leaders.

Amer Qureshi and Qaiser Abbas have shared their own experiences and thoughts with the readers and outline strategies that will help to create the next generation of business leaders. They have noted that life in a developing country like Pakistan is never predictable and never simple or indeed, straightforward.

They have very rightly observed that running an organization in this part of the world requires leaders to be able to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions and environment that they find themselves in, adding that the leadership approaches of the west do not always work well in Pakistan.

Both the authors having worked with about 200 organisations of varying scales and currently affiliated with Possibilities, an international management training and consulting company headquartered in Pakistan, have expressed the hope that Leadership Insights would go some distance in helping the leaders of tomorrow acquire the skills and insights necessary to become truly great leaders.

The experts featured in the book include Nestle Chairperson, Syed Babar Ali, Dawood Foundation CEO, Sarfaraz Rehman, Gillette Pakistan CEO, Saad Amanullah Khan, Habib Metropolitan Bank CEO, Sirajuddin Aziz, and former Mobilink President, Zouhair Khaliq.

Amer Qureshi and Qaiser Abbas have previously authored books independently and Leadership Insights is their maiden joint venture. Aamer Qureshi is also the author of ‘A to Z of Healthy Small Business’ and ‘Making Money in Small Business’ while Qaiser Abbas has to his credit ‘Outclass Teams’, ‘Tick Tick Dollar’, and ‘Shabash Tum Kar Saktay Ho’.

Though the two didn’t promise that the book is a handbook to success, it is a tool to help entrepreneurs excel in what they do or want to do. Judging by the enthusiasm of the authors combined by the audience’s ability to intelligently tackle the business world, there is an apparent willingness towards success.

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