Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brief Profile: Baqar Naqvi

Jumbo Editorial Team

Baqar Naqvi, whose latest book titled Nobel Amn Kay Sou Baras was launched in Karachi on March 16, has been doing terrific work in the fields of Urdu prose as well as poetry. He is acclaimed as a leading modern poet, whose poetry, although using the traditional Urdu genre Ghazal is full of very fresh sensibility of the modern world.

His full name is Syed Mohammad Baqar Naqvi but he is more famous in the Urdu literary circles as Baqar Naqvi. Born in Allahabad, UP, India, on February 4 1936, he moved to London, UK, in 1975 but he visits his home and office Karachi, Pakistan, after every few months.

Apart from poetry, he has done some monumental historical work in the field of Urdu literature prose. He wrote the first-ever comprehensive book in Urdu language on Alfred Nobel titled Nobel Adabiyaat before following up with Nobel Amn Kay Sou Baras in which he has profiled the Nobel Peace Laureates of 100 years. He has also written books on the subjects of genetics, electronics and artificial intelligence.

The books written by him include EFU Saga, Masnooei Zehaanat, Barqiyaat, Daaman, Ganga, Jamna, Saaraswati, Khaliyay ki Duniya, Moti Moti Rang, Mutthi Bhar Taaray and Taaza Hava. He received UBL-Jang Literary Award in 2010 for Nobel Adbiyaat while Taaza Hava won him the Best Book in the West Award from Urdu Markaz in Los Angeles, USA.

While doing jobs in life insurance industry he took up professional education of the Chartered Insurance Institute, London and qualified to become a Chartered Insurer. He has held various senior management and Executive positions, the last being that of the Chief Executive of a multinational health insurance company.

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