Sunday, March 25, 2012

Agha Nasir’s book on PTV launched at Karachi Press Club

Jumbo Editorial Team

‘This is PTV: Another Day, Another World’ authored by Agha Nasir, a former Managing Director of Pakistan Television (PTV), was launched in a graceful ceremony at the Karachi Press Club on March 24 which was presided over by Farhad Zaidi, also an ex-MD of PTV.

Ghazi Salahuddin, the founding Editor of The News, was so impressed with the contents of the book that he recommended it to be made a part of the curriculam of colleges and universities to let the students learn about the evolution of electronic media in Pakistan, adding that the communication revolution in the country has come through television.

“Studying the early days of PTV would provide the basis for any examination, especially by the students of mass communication, of the evolution of all these developments. This book, therefore, holds immense value and it’s worthy to be included in the curriculum,” he reckoned.

Farhad Zaidi, while lavishing Agha Nasir with praise for coming up with an excellent book, was also of the opinion that it should be prescribed as textbook to let the students learn about the historical facts.

“When television came to Pakistan on November 26, 1964, it had a range of only 15 miles but today it encompassed the whole world being a global channel. It’s a real achievement. Television has gone a long way in creating awareness about the various problems and issues,” he noted.

Author Agha Nasir, who was decorated with the Sitara-i-Imtiaz, one of the highest civilian awards of Pakistan only the other day, remarked that the book has been produced to record the events of more four decades.

‘If the events were not recorded they were likely to get lost in the mists of time and that should not happen to PTV,” he observed while also talking about the difficulties he faced in writing the book.

Athar Viqar Azeem, who also remained associated with the PTV for a very long time as a current affairs producer besides doing administrative duties, described Agha Nasir as an exceptional drama producer who also excelled in managing matters related to current affairs.


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