Thursday, March 1, 2012

New edition of Bazm-e-Akram's Adab-o-Kutub Khana arrives

Jumbo Editorial Team

Some of the luminaries of library and information science in Pakistan have joined hands to form and run Bazm-e-Akram, a forum named after the respected figure of Prof Dr Ghani-ul-Akram Sabzwari, one of the pioneers of the profession in the country.

Prof Dr Nasim Fatima, a former Chairperson of the Department of Library and Information Science at the University of Karachi, is credited to have kept the movement alive by bringing out new edition of Adab-o-Kutub Khana very early in the year. She was edited the fourth publication in this series, known as Bazm-e-Akram 2012, which saw the light of the day in January.

Abdul Wahab Khan Saleem, in his message, has described it a noble way to pay tribute to the legendary teacher besides producing quality literature to enlighten the young minds in particular who have the responsibility of spreading the message to future generations.

Prof Dr Nasim Fatima, in her preface, has touched on brief history of Bazm-e-Akram which was founded in 1976 with Adil Usmani being its Founder President. Initially there were a few like-minded persons but it has grown and the presently the 58 listed members of Bazm-e-Akram are Mohammad Wasil Usmani, Abdul Wahab Khan Saleem, Dr Rafia Ahmed Shaikh, Abdul Samad Ansari, Dr Rais Ahmed Samdani, Dr Mohammad Fazil Khan, Prof Dr Nasim Fatima, Dr Amna Khatoon, Dr Nargis Shagufta, Zainuddin Siddiqui, Syed Abad Ali, Dr Khadim Khams, Dr Kousar, Dr Shafqat Mokhari, Rafia Hasan Abidi, Shamsher Khan, Mohammad Naeemuddin, Samad Baig, Zakia Sultana Zaki, Sibte Haider Naseeri, Noor Amrohvi, Huma Mannan Butt, Nazia Mukhtar, Hina Naz, Iqbal-ur-Rahman Farooqui, Syed Ahmed Naqvi, Azra Qureshi, Ikram-ul-Haq, Fatima Hasni Khayal, Syed Khalid Mahmood, Dr Nigar Sajjad Zaheer, Dr Moinuddin Aqeel, Dr Mughees Ahmed, Dr Shama Aziz, Jamaluddin Akhtar, Syed Ateeb Ahmed, Aamir Subhani, Saima Qadeer, Farzana Abbas, Sohail Danish, Sohail Mahmood Qureshi, Syeda Najma Sultana, Naheed Jahan, Nuzhat Bano Siddiqui, Abida Sultana, Dr Shamshad Ahmed, Mian Mohammad Aslam Bhatti, Noor Mustafa Khan, Dr Zarin Ilyas, Ramoz Ahmed Khan, Durdana Anwar, Akhtar Ali, Khalida Saeed, Razia Sultana and Zafar-uz-Zaman.

The latest edition of Adab-o-Kutub Khana, spread over 164 pages, has been divided in three parts. The first part is dedicated to literature, second to research and third to librarianship. In the literature section there are poems and essays by learned individuals. One of the contributions in Urdu came from as far as Toronto, the commercial capital of Canada and one of the most famous cities of North America.

The great services rendered by Hakim Mohammad Said Shaheed in the various fields have been covered comprehensively by Dr Rais Ahmed Samdani in the research section in which Ikram-ul-Haq and Prof Dr Nasim Fatima have written about Dr Mahmood Hussain and Zain Siddiqui respectively.

Sheema Siddiqui, Photo Librarian at Daily Jang, the largest circulated newspaper of the country, has been interviewed in detail by Huma Mannan Butt in the librarianship section in which Dr Amna Khatoon has written about the Pakistan culture while Kahkashan Naz has thrown light on role of libraries in social welfare and Nazia Mukhtar has talked about Mushfiq Khawaja Trust Library. Farzana Abbas has compiled an article of websites for children in Urdu, describing their utility and highlights.

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