Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fawzia Memon’s Bounties of Health throws light on gifts of Nature

Jumbo Editorial Team

Fawzia Memon has become a published author by writing a book on natural foods, their benefits and healthy cooking, appropriately titled ‘Bounties of Health’ which was launched in Islamabad recently. 

The 184-page book is divided into three sections. There is a wealth of information about vegetables, fruits, herbs and their benefits in the first section while the following one throws light on ailments and how to deal with them through a proper diet with the third section being cooking recipes. 

The book brings to light the fact that missing vegetables, fruit and herbs from daily food chart can be risky as key to good health lies in taking moderate diet that includes these precious gifts of nature besides white or red meat. 

Fawzia Memon, who is the wife of Nisar Memon, former Federal Information Minister, and the mother of Marvi Memon, a politician, has had a passion for cooking all along and she has kept herself busy by experimenting with various recipes.

“Fawzia is an excellent cook and if someone of you has missed tasting a recipe by her, he or she has missed a great experience in life,” Dr Sania Nishtar, a cardiologist and Founder of the Heartfield, remarked in the book launch ceremony. 

“Nutrition is the foundation on which health rests, and culinary skills the instrument through which that bedrock is founded. Exploiting a synergy between the two is an art, and by that measure, this book, a masterpiece,” she added. 

“The book is full of information about herbs, vegetables, fruit and other gifts of nature like honey. I have always found her serving guests with delicious food. It is amazing to see her energy and how she cooks a number of continental, Pakistani and Chinese recipes in a short time shuttling between the kitchen and the drawing room serving guests, talking to children, etc. Now she has brought out a book that is equally a surprise for me since I have never read such a useful book on the subject of healthy lifestyle and food therapy,” Dr Sania Nishtar declared.


  1. Any idea where this book could be found in Lahore?

    1. any idea where this book could be found in karachi.

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