Friday, June 29, 2012

The Great Game and Indus Valley launched in Islamabad

Jumbo Editorial Team 

'The Great Game and Indus Valley’ authored by Khadim Hussain Soomro was launched in a ceremony in the federal capital on June 27 which was organized by the Islamabad Cultural Forum.

“My endeavour has been to present the concept of a glorious motherland in the book. We are slaves because we have forgotten our moral values and disowned the motherland,” the author observed in his speech on the occasion. 

In his book ‘The Great Game and Indus Valley’ Khadim Soomro has showed the diversity of people in the Indus Valley. Noted writer and intellectual Ashfaq Saleem Mirza, in his remarks, described Khadim Hussain as a keen researcher.

He was lauded for carrying out research work with a missionary zeal, having proved himself an outstanding historian with a dozen books to his credit.

He was praised for doing a book on the Indus Valley, which has been one of the most talked about subjects with its ancient civilization catching the imagination.

“Most of Khadim’s books are confined to Sindh, but ‘The Great Game and Indus Valley’ is different having discussed the role of the people of the Indus and the Indus valley at the international level. He put the facts in front of his readers and leaves them to judge for themselves,” Ashfaq Mirza observed. 

Khadim Soomro is a political activist, social reformer, political historian and writer. He has authored 12 books, of which eight are in English, three in Urdu and one in Sindhi.

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