Sunday, June 24, 2012

Katie Price’s In the Name of Love launched in London sensationally

Jumbo Editorial Team 

Katie Price’s eighth novel ‘In the Name of Love’ was launched rather sensationally in London on June 21 as she sat astride a rearing black horse to celebrate the moment. She wore a red and gold halterneck costume featuring a long layered train, which fell over the back of her horse, three-year-old Dante. 

With safety also at the back of her mind, she also wore some sturdy-looking shiny gold booths, and glittery red gloves. 

“Nearly ready for my press call which I'm really nervous about today as it is a stunt today and hope it goes well as its dangerous,” she had tweeted earlier in the day. 

The book follows a sports presenter, Charlie, who falls for Felipe, a Spanish horse rider tipped for a medal at the 2012 Olympics. 

Katie completed her look with a red headdress, and scarlet lipstick teamed with smoked-out eyes. 

She showed off her equestrian skills as she let the horse rear, creating a dramatic effect in front of the giant book poster. 

She has confessed that she would love to write steamier novels but feels restricted by her readership. 

'I'd like to do the sex scenes a bit more raunchier but I can't because of my fanbase. I'm quite happy how I do this but I'd like to do crime (fiction),” she remarked. 

'This book seems a coincidence but I had a really bad horse accident last year involving a vehicle and two horses died in my arms. At the beginning of the book there's a horse accident so that's really weird that I'd already done the book and it really did happen,” Katie revealed. 

The reality star said that the Spanish male lead was inspired by her Argentinian fiance Leandro Penna. 

'Charlie meets a Spanish guy and I've met a Spanish guy. But Felipe in the book could speak English but my one couldn't so it's not exactly right,' she added. 

When enquired about rumours about her appearance in a raunchy Argentine TV dance programme, the mother-of-three said: 'They have asked me to do it, I would like to do it but it's just trying to fit it in. You've got the kids' summer holidays coming up; I like to take them away. It's not up the road, it's like a 13-hour flight. I'd be doing it for fun, I wouldn't be taking it seriously. I'm not a dancer.'

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