Thursday, May 17, 2012

Amna Alam’s maiden collection of poetry launched in Karachi

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 Amna Alam’s collection of poetry titled ‘Khushboo Se Likhi Fard’ was launched at Arts Council of Pakistan, having become the hub of literary and cultural activities in Karachi.

Quite a few literary critics and renowned poets were present in the launching ceremony, paying glowing tribute to Amna Alam, described as a complete poetess by one of the speakers. 

Although it’s her first-ever compilation of poetry in book form, she has been writing for the past three decades. 

 ‘Khushboo Se Likhi Fard’ contains different flavours of the Urdu poetry like naat, nazm and ghazal. It has been published by Dunya-e-Adab office and its copies are available at the leading bookstores priced at Rs 300. 

 Sarshar Siddiqui, an eminent critic, recalled that he first heard a couplet from her in the presence of literary giant Tabish Dehalvi. “On so many occasions I have asked Amna to publish her work. She has been able to carve out her own style of poetry despite being influenced by her mentor Sahba Akhtar,” Sarshar Siddiqui observed.

Dr Waqar Ahmed Zuberi, a renowned biologist, informed the audience about Amna being also an important member of Bazm-e-Science Adab, a literary movement for the promotion of Science and Technology which has been organizing monthly literary sittings in Karachi for more than 18 years. 

Professor Sehar Ansari, a noted poet, was of the opinion that Amna’s poetry reflected the troubles and harshness of life and she also used difficult style of poetry in the book. 

Talking about the blending of science into poetry, Ansari said that scientific poetry is an emerging trend and must be appreciated by the literary circles. 

Another senior poet and critic, Jazib Qureshi remarked that Amna is a poetess, an enlightened visionary and has perfectly weaved her life experiences into poetry while Auje Kamal, a famous literary critic and publisher of the book, praised Amna by describing her as a complete poetess.

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