Wednesday, May 16, 2012

History of Glen Innes Hospital published in book form

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The Glen Innes Hospital of New South Wales, Australia, is the focus of attention once more, with the launch of a book which tells its history. It covers the period 1874-1956 and is written by Jeannie Ross Fraser.  

“This work reflects research and writing over many years to record the achievements of a health service to Glen Innes and District for some 80 years,” Graham Wilson, Glen Innes Severn Council's Heritage Advisor and Councillor of the Royal Australian Historical Society, remarked in his address.

Based on meticulous research in the Glen Innes Examiner and other records, Fraser’s work was originally published in many editions of the ‘Land of the Beardies History Bulletins’.

In the foreword, there is an outline of Fraser’s dedication to the health system after her graduation as a nurse as well as her contribution to the wider Glen Innes community. She has been described as a truly remarkable person with a special mention of her knowledge of nursing and the related health system helping to bring the story to life.  

Fraser, through her professional education in nursing, a graduate of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, has been in a unique position to ensure that this history, spanning a century, was not only engrossing but accurate.

Her book will serve as a model of inspiration for other regions. The organization into periods of time means that other researchers investigating life in Glen Innes during particular periods can turn to the relevant section and research topics such as Life during World War One or Two, the Great Depressions of the 1930s or the immediate post war period in the 1940s and 1950s.

The book is not about the hospital but also demonstrates how health care was linked to the support given by individuals located in Glen Innes and the surrounding district.

A further great strength is the number of photographs that have been included and the fact that much time has been devoted to identifying many of the personalities. There is always the hope that many other photographs may be located in the community.  

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