Wednesday, May 30, 2012

National Language Authority launch five Urdu books

Jumbo Editorial Team

May 28, 2012 became a Red Letter day as the National Language Authority launched as many as five books at its headquarters in Islamabad. The books covered a wide academic spectrum from the importance and decay of the Urdu language to socio-political dynamics of Pakistan.

The books to be launched were Urdu as a Secondary Language by Dr Suleman Athar, Liberalism in Urdu Literature by Dr Riffat Iqbal, Dr Abdul Salam Khursheed by Dr Mohammad Shahzad, Urdu Novel and Decline of Human Nature by Bazgha Qandeel and Hewanat ki Alamti Haesiat by Saeed Ahmed. 

The intellectuals present on the occasion expressed their concern over the decline in the number of people speaking native languages and dialects. 

They pointed out that every year the world witnessed about 2,500 languages reach extinction as native speakers did not work for the continuation of their mother tongue from generation to generation adding that the fast-paced and homogenous technological world of today was not conducive to verbal and literary diversity. 

Federal Secretary of National Heritage and Integration, Asif Ghafoor, pointed out that there were about 6,000 languages in the world out of which every year 2,500 vanish from the face of earth, emphasizing on the need to make sure that our local languages remained alive. He urged the literary persons to take steps to secure the local languages so that they would carry on.

Author Dr Suleman Athar said that in his book he had tried to convey the message that all the languages were very important and they should be protected. 

Author Dr Mohammad Shahzad said he had chosen Dr Abdul Salam as the subject of his book because he had really done well in the field of education and journalism. 

Author Riffat Iqbal said that he had discussed the liberalism of new era in his book and tried to relate it with the past. 

Author Bazgha Qandeel said that she had tried to show the downfall of the human beings. 

Dr Hanif Khalil of Quaid-i-Azam University while commenting on the book of Dr Suleman Athar said the local languages should be protected and the only way to protect them is that those languages should be introduced in the syllabus at provincial level. 

He gave the example of Sindhi and said that it had become the language of courts and the official language of the province. 

Manzar Naqvi while talking about the book of Riffat Iqbal said that the author had discussed different cultures and liberalism in them. In that book even freedom movements and their impacts had been discussed in detail, he added. 

Dr Roshan Aara while talking about the book of Dr Mohammad Shahzad said, “Although, usually there is a difference between personality of author and his writing but the book about Dr Abdul Salam reflects his true self.” 

Abid Sial while giving his expert opinion on the book of Bazgha Qandeel said that most of the quotes in the book had been taken from the Holy Quran. Hameed Shahid while discussing about the book of Saeed Ahmed said the book showed the difference between human beings and animals besides telling the history of story-telling in the Indian Subcontinent.

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