Friday, May 18, 2012

Dr Ajaz Anwar’s cartoon illustrations showcase old culture of Lahore

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Dr Ajaz Anwar’s book of cartoon illustrations and Punjabi text entitled ‘Nae Reesan Sheher Lahore Diyan’ unveiling the culture and traditions of old Lahore was launched by the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) in collaboration with the Ministry of National Heritage and Integration and the House of Nanna Trust.

The book launch ceremony in Islamabad followed by the exhibition of cartoons and watercolour paintings on the theme of the book which revolves around the socio cultural life of Lahore and Lahoriites. 

 The book has not only preserved the cultural life of the people but the language of the Punjabi adds a special aroma to the work. It is spread over 352 pages with 107 topics containing thought-provoking and educating stories like ‘Bicycle’, ‘Day Padal Tay Padal’, ‘Khail Tamashy’, ‘Cha da Cup’ and ‘Sark Kandy Skol’. 

It features 50 illustrations, cartoons and paintings, based on social aspects of life of Lahore, including traditional games, sports, food and apparels.

Dr Ajaz Anwar has published the cartoons of his father Dr Anwar Ali, who was known for addressing social issues through the medium of cartoon making to deal with the subject using symbolic expressions. 

 “The centuries old traditions and folk/street life are our identity. The western style of life took people away from each other, making life dull and gloomy,” Dr Ajaz Anwar remarked.

Later he presented readings from ‘Reminiscences of Old Lahore’, based on the art and style of Dr Anwar Ali, who contributed political cartoons and later created the ‘Nanna’ character that held a satirical mirror to society.

He also wrote short stories in English and Punjabi, occasionally illustrated with sketches and photographs. 

 Speaking on the occasion, Kishwar Naheed and other literary figures shared their views about the collection that explored the traditional heritage of Lahore and the lifestyle of its people. 

The exhibition of cartoons and watercolour paintings on the same theme also attracted a large number of art lovers with glimpses of architectural beauty and traditional aspects of Lahore.

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