Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Parkway Drive to celebrate 10th anniversary with book launch

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The filmmakers and actors are not the only ones to immortalize their accomplishments by bringing out books, even though it may primarily be meant for marketing purposes. The musicians are not far behind as Parkway Drive have announced to celebrate their 10th anniversary later this year by releasing their first-ever book titled ‘10 Years of Parkway Drive’ whose preview clip has already been made available online.

It will be a grand 300-page hard cover release which documents the history of the band from their humble beginnings in Byron Bay to becoming one of the biggest metal bands around. 

Featuring full-colour posters, newspaper articles, interviews and other career moments, the book also contains words from friends, colleagues and the band members recalling seminal moments throughout their highly active career. 

This book is certain to become a welcome addition to any fan’s collection, which by now is sure to include all 4 full-length albums from the band, and the two feature-length documentary DVDs. 

With a release date of September 27, the book will be dropping towards the end of their previously announced Australian tour dates which see the band celebrating their legacy status in style in some intimate locations.

"The first goal was to ‘make friends, mosh hard.,” Parkway Drive frontman Winston McCall laughed when inquired just prior to their tenth anniversary tour for the metal/hardcore mob’s initial motivation. 

“It sounds stupid, but that was literally it; ‘Let’s make the heaviest band possible, so we can play the youth centre, and kids can go mental’. That was it. Then that goal literally changed two weeks later, when someone said, ‘Hey, you wanna go play Brisbane?’ Then it changed again to, ‘Let’s try and do this release, then let’s do a tour and then let’s continue touring’, and it just kept growing and growing. 

“It really has been one of those things where the goalposts kept moving, and the goals were never massively long-term. They just slowly became bigger and bigger, simply because the opportunities became bigger and bigger. So its nuts to be ten years on and still to be able to remember the feeling of playing the youth centre at our first show,” he observed.

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